The training demand in the court


In the world of today whatever be our profession, be it a lawyer, a teacher, a software developer, a project manager  or a clerk, a variety of trainings are imparted to employees and professionsals so that they can do their job with 100% efficiency and do their duties  in an ethical manner

As I am getting acquainted with a variety of people in the court, I found that legally all of them were very strong. But many of them are lacking in soft skills.Soft skills  actually add value to their profession. The procedures in the court could be made more efficient and dignified if the following trainings were conducted at affordable rates for a variety of people. T

a)Time management
b)stress Management
c)Ethics in Business
d)Business Relationship with clients
e)Basics of Ms Office and internet
f)Some training on honesty (I do not know who can make a training content for this)

Many a time I have observed that the most intelligent and ethical advocates could not get the output becasue they did not have the communication skills to explain their point to the judge.


I  have also observed that inspite of the strong merits of my case, some judges being partial and not giving justice for reasons best known to them. 

At the same time, it was also observed that some clerks or staff will not give the file for getting certified copies until they are paid extra . It is as if they are running their own business in the court.

It would be great if the court provides them not only technical trainings but also soft skills training so that solutions could be found out easily for problems 

It is surprising that even though the legal system is very  strong but some staff and clerks in the court  spoil the image of the judicial system to such an extent that people would prefer suffering injustice rather than knocking the doors of the court for justice.
To some it up, just like other service based industries have a training calendar , the staff in the court should be made more committed to their work by giving them a variety of trainings on a regular basis.

Sorry for the big message but a training calendar with a variety of upcoming trainings for the court staff is required so that they do their duties  for the court efficiently and do not get swayed away  and do not misuse their powers which they get by virtue of being court staff.

Lata L Bhambwani


Hii Lata,

I truly appreciate and applaud your observationsand insightsabout the judicial employees.

I totally agree with your first contention but it incurrsa lot of revenue to the ex chequer and things like that.Let us hope for da best judicial India.

Adv. Solomon Raj,
Attorney at Law,
Bharat Gaurav samman awardee 14
AICC National Legal Chairman.



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