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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     05 August 2010

Thanks to LCI

Dear friends,

  A habeas corpus case regarding a missing infant was being handled by my junior coleague. The court had ordered for DNA test but the petitioner / parents of the infant were too poor to deposit the cost of the test. I was hesitating to interfere in the case due to professional protocols. Seeing the condition of poor parents I posted the message on LCI seeking advice regarding cost of DNA test. The esteemed members not only guided me about the DNA test, but also stimulated me to takeup the case . I prepared a modification annexing the print of discussion made on LCI. Application  was allowed and the cost was reduced to 50%. DNA report came in favor of petitioners and the court was pleased to oder for custody of the infant to the petitioners.

IT is only due to LCI that I became able to help the poor petitioners and they got their baby from the cluches of rich and manipulating person whome the police and children home were favouring dishonestly.

Thanks to LCI again and again !!!


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Baskaran Kanakasabai (entrepreneur)     05 August 2010

Well done Dr.Tripathi.Acknowledgements such as the one you have posted will boost the morale of the contributors and will for sure, encourage more participants to contribute in some way or other and that's the way of building up a healthy and constructive forum  which is very much needed by countries like ours.

Also appropriate morale boosting  quotations by sri.Goodboy.50!

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Humans are thankless people generally,it is great that you are thankful and Bravo you did a good job,now try to get those filthy rich people convicted also.

LCI people are more sensible than other sites ,of course,but sadly advocates do not participate in general but valid discussions.

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N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     06 August 2010

Dear Dr.Tripathi Sir, You have started a good traditions in the forum. I am sure there will be many such postings in the near future in the forum.

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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     06 August 2010

We have to follow you

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Daksh (Student)     06 August 2010

Good Morning Dr.Tripathi,

Hats off to your tonnes of humility and helping attitude.  (which for a change has also made Tusharcosmic to change his view about Lawyer fraternity).

All the very best in all your future endevours.

Best Regards


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sanjay shrotrioya (practising)     06 August 2010



you have shown courage to put your concern on LCi & got success.

All the best in your endevour

Thanks to LCI as well


Sanjay shrotriya

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SANJEEV KUMAR (STUDENT)     06 August 2010

The LCI is very helpful forum. I have got answers to my questions whenever is posted. so I have learnt many things out of this forum only. and I am in better position to discuss the case with the seniors. But I regret that some advocate friends are using this site to promote their services  only and not really answering the queries.

The LCI fourm should be promoted for free advice to advocate friends who look to other members for answers for their doubt without any vested interest.


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Adv. G.Narayan ( Advocate & Legal Consultant)     12 August 2010

Well done Dr. Tripathi ! congrats. You have not only done a great professional service but a great humane service too. You done real justice to the profession, which have deteriorated perverted due to money minded legal mafiosi. We are poud of you. You would be inspiration to all newcomers in the profession.  

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Haneef M H (Partner)     13 August 2010

Hi, Tripathi,

you did an excellant job, we apriciate your initiative in getting  justice to the petitioner.

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CS Pooja (Company Secretary)     13 August 2010

Thanks for setting an example, Sir.

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Respected Sir,

This initiative  step will lead to welfare of many people. Hope following u'r steps many poor people will get benefit in future also. Thanks

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Kumar Doab (FIN)     13 August 2010

Congratulations Dr. Tripathi.

The response from learned members of the forum is praiseworthy.

Your effort and support to the parents and child is indeed a great help.

The result of the effort is the union of child with parent. God bless.

Helping others with your expertise and professional knowledge  and being human is a trait.


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sreenath cochin (advocate)     14 August 2010

he is indeed a trendsetter......sir we are following u

Sushil Shukla (Manager Sales)     14 August 2010

"A Very out of the box attitude and greatness for helping the required.Looking forwadr to hear some more posts from you.

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