Stringent law to get my important documents and keys back

Please can anybody help with a Proper advice what steps to take against a Problem happen recently . I live aborad and I have a Probate case running in the Lower court West Bengal . Also I have Business Premisis which is also attached in the same Probate case . Though the property is rented not own by my father . To Continue the court case and for the maintanance of my Business Premisis . I trust my own Uncle and gave him important documents related to Court case ,other important documents and Keys for the shop and also keys for the safe custody of the WILL that is placed in the Honarable Lower Court . Now Problem is that my uncle was misguiding me and starting to take the advantage of my staying away and starting to squeeze money from me . When I catch this fact he got angry and starting to be uncoopertive with me . Now he completely stop contact with me . Even if I phone him email him he is not responding . My question here is there any clause in law other than " breach of trust " to get all my important belongings back from him with a speedy action ? Also is there any Stringent law against such activity ? If yes what is that ? Also say if he handover the key of my father's Business Premisis to the Landlord for a small amount of money how to stop that or create barrior in such action. Please can you help kindly ASAP . Any suggestion ,guidance is desperately needed.


Do you have any acknowledgment and evidence of handover and breach?


If you are staying abroad and persons whom you trusted have breached your trust then you may preferably engage a very able counsel of unshakable repute.

Or stay in India for some  time and close all cases, yourself.



Hello thanks for the reply . Sorry I was not having enough evidence . Only Xerox copy of the power of attorney to take care for my Probate case . But for important documents that I handover to him I was not keeping any evidence also same for keys . As I was not assuming such consequence will happen . Is there anyway to get help in such situation ?




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