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Seminar on 498a misuse

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thanks for sharing, really a great news


Mr. Ahmed u seem to live in rural india or u r talking about rural india, because if we talk about metro cities then it is basically the man/husband who is suffering because of this irrational law of 498.  on one hand we talk about equal rights of man and woman, but whether we really get them, no, not at all.  In today's time wife/woman have turned into nothing but legal terrorist or extremist who blackmails husband in-laws with this 498 rule and extort money from in-laws and husband who r victims.

so first go and find out the percentage of real 498 cases against false cases. i have seen many people who have faced this law which is nothing but a way for some lawyers to make big money along with wife in terms of percentage.

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     30 December 2009

 Agreed. 498A is nothing sort of TADA.

Hardik Mehta (Family Counsellor)     31 December 2009

In the recent TV show, CSR Director Ranjani Kumari told about the figures; Out of 57000 cases she surveyed, only 180 were convicted. Thats less than 0.3% conviction.


This tells the true nature of the law.

Aftab4u (PVT EMPLOYEE)     31 December 2009

498 = AK-47 in the hands of the greedy women.Honestly speaking Divorse rate is increasing coz of the above law.once the 498 & DV case filed against husbands family then no man will again accept the women as wife again.

498 & DV - The 3 words now a days every man in the society is worried of.

But the punishment should be given to them who found to be culprits in the above section.


SANJEEV KUMAR (STUDENT)     31 December 2009


Now a days a atmosphere has been created against 498A assuming that this is the only IPC section which is notoriously used.
I am in favour of 498A since:
At least there is one section in IPC which protects the women
It has decreased the divorce rate
At least people are afraid that if they do wrong with Bahu (daughter in law) then they can be booked under this section and they will pay for their crime.
One can understand the importance and utility of this section only if his or her daughter has suffered in the hands of  in laws.
Even today reporting of cases are very low and female tolerate as far as possible. The case is lodged only if no other recourse is there (although exceptions may be there)
Harrassment to women can be seen in rural areas where Bahus are not treated well by in laws and husband consider them as for enjoyment only.
I know a person who was criticizing this section often but later on he used this section for protection of his daughter. Whole theory of his changed when his daughter suffered.
Has any body raised such voice as against 498A against Section 156(3) which is often used and people are arrested on fictitious grounds and languishing in jails.

SANJEEV KUMAR (STUDENT)     31 December 2009

Sec.156(3) is more misused compared to sec. 498A. One can see the misuse of Sec. 156(3) in rural areas.

Has any body raised voice for misuse of this section.

Even on this forum many members has counted their fictitious cases u/s 156(3) and were arrested. 

Aftab4u (PVT EMPLOYEE)     31 December 2009

Mr.Sanjeev dont think so u have come across the violence of this section u dont know how much it hurts or suffer by husbands family ?? Ask the people who are suffering from 498 or pls go to the surveys conducted. All the sections first prefer " Women " only on sympathy grounds. The law made to protect the women but its a great blunder. How many genuine cases are there those who really suffering from 498 or DV? not even 3% pls look into this site for more information. Aftab

SANJEEV KUMAR (STUDENT)     31 December 2009

Mr Aftab

3% has been counted only on reported cases. Just Think of females who are suffering in the hands of in laws and are not competent enough to go to police statation/court. Every body is saying harrassment of husband's family but see the other side.Just think of the situation of parents of female whose daughter is residing in own parents house along with kids. Man can enjoy the life without wife but pls tell whether a female can do the same. Suffering is on both sides. Parent marries his/her daughter with great hopes.

How many husbands have given maintenance to their wives u/s 125?

How a lone female will bring up their children?

Mental suffering of Parent of  wife.

Do not  u think Suffering of wife side is greater?

Just think of unreported cases in rural areas?

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