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avadhesh (am)     20 February 2013

Section 9 (rcr) at jabalpur

hello sir,

i had filled Section 9 at jabalpur in 2009, as my wife is not instrested in marriage as her father un-willing done this marriage. 

please advice me that on wht ground i can get it in my favour,

wht is th marits of th case so that it will com in my favour.

if she rfus to come and just say she had life danger , Is my case dismis on just saying

Is she had to proof that... or not




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victim (master)     20 February 2013

No. just because of statement in court your request cant be declined.

but you opened doors for maintenence through hma 24 if marriage is as per hma.

Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     20 February 2013

Why dont you setlle it through a MCD or let her annul the marriage....What is there to fight for?





Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     21 February 2013

if wife is not willing to live with u, then why r u forcing her ?

RCR is a futile utility.

by filing RCR, u have invited her to file interium maintenance.

also, for giving reasons not to live with u, the wife will put false allegations of cruelty - dowry and this unfortunate development initiates 498a by the ill advisors of hers.

Singha Rao (Engineer)     21 February 2013

Dear Amit,

  In your reply you mentiomed the negative effect of RCR. Then please suggest him what he shold do?

because I am also planning to do the same, so if possible please give me suggestion on my query as well..

Thank you

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     22 February 2013

first decide what u REALLY want.

if u want her back, then & only then file RCR.

if u think that its not worth dragging this DEAD relation further, then first try for MCD then contested divorce.

but remember, if u file divorce, she can file sec. 24 & ask int maint.

also she can retaliate with 498a - 406 - 323 - 504 - 506 ... of the IPC

so make a wise & careful choice.

once litigation starts, and wife has ILL advisors ... things are no less than hell.

avadhesh (am)     26 February 2013

Thanx every one for ur reply,

i m nt forceing her to live with me, If she want to go let them go, problem is her father had done this marriage for money and he want 25 lac for sattlement.

i was surprise, i had done nothing then also i had to face lots of problem, i belived in law but law had nothing to do with justice and truth, 

My question is " just by saying she was harrased, court will beleive she is saying truth, and give the decision"

if yes -- then even god will also can not do any thing about this judicial system .




RCR is just a waste of time buddy. She has already shown you her intentions that she/her father wants to settle the case with 25 welcome to the 498a Industry where u are a customer and u have to pay cos u did a mistake by marrying her....

We all r goin through the similar stuff, but yes if u  ready for MCD then u can negotiate and pay as per ur pocket.

Well, i wus suggest that u cant settle their greed better fight ur case on merits and RCR is really a futile utility........and no court order can force her to come back to your home....and in turn u have already invited interim maintenance. I hope ur wife dont read this and u did not get estrangle in more cases like 125,dv, 498a .........

So, prepare urself for a long fight now and yes if u have enugh money u can pay 1 time and go for MCD. All depends on ur decisions buddy :) but yes the path is full pf bumps and stone.

ITS GONNA BE A Bumpy Ride buddy !!!!

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