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Three years back i been to United States from an indian company. I was paid salary in  dollors when I am at US. I cam e back to india after completing the assisnment.. I continued  working in india and I am paid salary in Rupees in india.  But in due course they even paid salary in US aswell. This was not notified by me. I got job in US and again been to US ,when I checked old account  I found the same. After 4 months the company came back asking me to re-pay the salary which was paid in US. They were saying  they will file a criminal case against me. My friends saying they can't do any thing  as  I am settled with greencard and not required to go back india. Please advice what  to do. The amound piled to forty thousand dollors and misutilized.

Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh

Your friend has rightly opined. The salary paid in dollar is not due too your error and if company has made any error qua the salry, it can not become a part of any criminal action.


Thanks very much Raj.

Can  the company file's a  civil case in india and passes this case to US police? If  I come to india for a holiday do they catch me on this case?  Do Indian police have right to stop my travel back to United States,being the citizen of US ?.





Yes. At immigration they will catch you.


so, I should not come to india?

I am effected by the US recession heat  and not  having any dollors to re-pay. I  requested the company ,asking I will pay in small amounts. But  they refused and demanding me to pay in 3 installments. The company treating that the US police will catch me as they will refer the case to interpol.

I contacted one solicitor in Us regarding this , he laughed at me saying interpol don't take up this cases.

Please suggest me a solution .1)Is there any way that I can avoid to re-pay the amount.2) If i need to pay,how to convince  the company.


It will be treated as financial crime. You can come to India. You must make an agreement with the company with an Advocate before comming or after comming to India. You have to repay the amount which by oversight deposited in your account.


How can they book on financial crime? I am wishing to pay in small installments of 50 dollors/per month and they were not agreeing for it. If I come to india it was an another expense which I can't bare. I request them to file the case in boston,which where i live.But I haven't got any reply . while when I am releaved, the company  was issued with no nudes certificate . I belive the case is not that much strong on me. Please comment on this.




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