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Role of lawyers in fostering DV/Dowry cases

Page no : 2

manjit kalra (system eng)     19 November 2010

mr agarwal dont be disheartened, honesty pays in long term . be faithful to ur client and charge as much as u deserve , u will automatically reach top in due course of time.

 a thorough change in system of this country is needed and it starts from us. we shud not keep mum to injustice and corruption around us. i think its starting of your career and u need to work in good spirits .

i wish you best of luck in ur practice and personal life too.

manjit kalra (system eng)     19 November 2010

by the way it was good that u answered it as no , otherwise it can prove to be harmful.

Kumar Krishan Agarwal Advocate (Lawyer)     19 November 2010

1. But What I feels that a man or a woman recognized by his /her money and not by her honesty. My faher was so so honest that he not made any bank balance netither nor any property , neither any insurance , neither nor any bribe or gratification take from any party.  Without the fee of the lawyer from his client he stood in the case fro his rights but when the party wins the party just went out  just a flip of finger.


2. Thay why when my father died no large people come at their funeral, but if my father rich by hook or crook methods a I saw in day to day life then thousands of  people would come to their funeral.


3. Be Remember money is important otherwise how honest and sincere you are you Fall.

4. A Government lawyer whether he served up to 35 years for serving the case of the Government  cases he not get any pension after 60 years but in contrast with a State or Central Minister or Chairman of a Muncipality Departemnt will get pension up to whole life whether they were elected only for one year or five years.

The Minsters have their own salary and pension Act while the Advocates have no salary structure and salary Act.

5. Lots of advocates died without any proper maintenance and earnings from this profession only the rich and powerful will survive.


CommonMann (Software Professional)     19 November 2010

@Avinash Kaur

You have rightly said "THOSE ADVOCATES WHO THINK  it is right  can better become a DALLA. ".

In all the false dowry and DV cases lawyers play a crucial role. 10% brain is of women and 90% draft is from lawyer. They usually have fix format for filing these cases. Whatsoever points are mentined against husband all the points are meintioned in the petition. Most of the cases compromise is done after hard fight and lawyers get a good handosme amount in there hand. Loser here is husband and wife, no one else.

Renuka Gupta ( Gender Researcher )     19 November 2010

Agree with first part of Vishwa's posting. Yes, Mr. Prabhakar's  postings are always looked forward to. 


Dear K.K. Aggarwal JI,

I really do respect you and want to meet u. In which court do you practicing in Delhi Courts? M also in Delhi. My cell no. is 9871158578

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     26 November 2010


hema (law officer)     26 November 2010

There is no wrong if an advocate gives his phone number and contact address for the public in general and to any person in particular.  This forum is being openly misused by Save Indian Family Foundation in propogating against the wives who have been contesting domestic violence and Section 498-A cases openly branding them as false cases, even before trial starts.  These advocates, who are giving their telephone numbers and addresses are not siding either husbands or wives and are giving the information how they can be reached.  There is no harm in doing so and no law as well as this forum's rules prohibit such actions.

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     26 November 2010

Please read forum rules properly.


look members This lady again giving her Mo.Number

This is not good for ours how we can know what advise she gave?


Vishwa (translator)     27 November 2010

Lawyers who are openly touting for business by giving out their cell phone numbers are debasing a profession that already suffers from a negative image.


Jamai Of Law (propra)     27 November 2010

Why should anyone have objections on fees or the pattern of charging fees.............!!!!


Nobody stops  any party to enquire with different lawyers and to know about the fees etc. There is no compulsion to hire the lawyer even after a lawyer asks for the percentage.



It is Because... a spouse is not shelling out the reasonable compensation...that is why..... one has to appoint a lawyer.....



The selection of the lawyer is made by choice......if a wife is hiring a lawyer who charges hefty fees or percentage ...........may be confident that she would be deiivered with the justice..that too adequately and in time......



If a husband is expecting from a wife............ who is about to break apart from him.....that his wife should do a parting-off favour to him and "select such a lawyer who would fight only for her reasonable demands only " and nothing more..............then the beloved hubby  is expecting little too much from.......... his joru ...



Don't allow to spread your decease to such a grave extent that are compelled to take strong antibiotics to cure....but that inadvertantly puts heavy loads on your kidney and livers and damages it to cause a new illness........This is an unavoidable Side Effect.



Vishwa , Mere pyaare bewakoof !

Meri baat maan to Ram ji ki sharan me aa jaa.

Na mukadme ki jaroorat padegi na vakil ki. Bivi khud teri sharan me rahegi.

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