road blocked by neighbors

Dear Sir,

We have an independent house located at the dead end of the road. We own a car and a bike. Our neighbors have rented their house, where several people stay and road is blocked most of the time with several vehicles parked on the way to my house. 

I'm out of town usually and my elderly parents stay in the house. We don't even have place to take out the car immediately in case of any emergency. We have requested them several times not to park on the way and block the road. They are in majority, they start yelling on the road and abuse my parents who are senior citizens. I am more worried about my parents. Please advice how to take this forward legally.


get a nuisnace complaint filed wtih police if talking to them doesnt help



If thr is right of way which u r enjoying since long nobody can restrain unless thr is some order

This is nothing but a clear case of public nuisance.  You can warn them once or twice, if they dont pay heed to our request or warnings, you may approach local police with a complaint against them for creating nuisance and also blocking the public road by unlawful assembly or by parking their vehicles creating a clear blockade for easy movements in the public road.This will make some difference and they will change themselves once the police is getting into action.


Thank you so much everybody for the response. Really appreciate it




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