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Pradeep (Advocate)     29 April 2010

Right of Negative Voting

As per Rule 49 (o) of Conduct of Election Rules 1961, a citizen can decide not to vote any candidates and record the same with the electoral officer. (see however, is there any instances of anybody exercising this right ? I would like to exercise the same during the upcoming local body elections in my place, but not sure if i can actually exercise this right or not. also can anybody tell me how do they record this vote ? do they count and publish these votes after the counting ? I know, that there is no effect on the election results even if 51% voters decide to reject, but, if such data would be published  along with votes obtained by each candidate, that is sufficient.



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The of Vote to "NONE OF THEM" is yet to be implemented but since majority of politicians, MPs, MLAs are acared of it so it is not coming out in force to include in ballot paper and hence people have no such option yet...   


Please be read in continuance with my earliar opinion.. I have discussed with some other people and someone told that there is a provision for "NO VOTE FOR ANY OUT OF THEM" that.. in case any voter do not want to vote for anyone out of standing candidates so he may ask to Presiding Officer of Polling booth and the Presiding Officer will provide to the voter another form to fill up and that will be counted as "VOTE FOR NONE OF THEM".  It is only a information which I got and need to be verified with its constitutional provison.  If it is correct eventhough it is not enough and there should be an option on ballot paper at the end of names of standing candidates.  In absence of this option for "NONE OF THEM" the cotizen/voter is being pressurised to vote for an unsuitable candidate and it is not fair.

Hemant Agarwal ( Mumbai : 9820174108)     01 May 2010

1.  Go to the Pollng booth, on election day.


2.  Verify yourself with the records to the Polling booth officer.


3.  Have your finger marked with the black dot ink.
(This black dot signifies "your actual presence recorded in the polling booth register"  and it does NOT mean that your vote has been recorded)


4.  Go inside the pooling booth cubicle / box / behind the curtain.




6.  Wait there for about 5 seconds and come out and go home.


7.  Your vote will be counted as   "NO Vote"  or in other words as  "NEGATIVE vote"


8.  IF every voter does this,  ALL the candidates will lose their election deposits.


9.  MAYBE,  Someday, the EC will analyse the polling booths attendance and the actual votes recorded and will record the discrepency  AND  "MAYBE"  ONE DAY PERMANENTLY  DIS-QUALIFY THE NEFARIOUS CANDIDATEs.


THINKER :  IT really does not matter whether you vote or you don't vote.  You are destined to be ruled by the politicians, specially by the ones whom you dislike. 


Histroy is evidence that : Your one vote brings back the nefarious political candidate, back to square one.


ANOTHER  EASY OPTION  :   Wait for the evening.  Fill in a excise-paid patiala-peg of IMF whiskey AND sip slowly and keep grumbling and mumbling and zzz....zzzz....zzzz.   (which is actually what the politicians want you to do).

EACH & EVERY  alcohol factory in India is owned by politicians. (Contradictions challenged).

Keep Smiling .... Hemant Agarwal


Dear Mr. Hemant Agrawal,


You thrown me in deep thinking from which I am not coming out.  Repeatedly I read your word and agains goes in deep think.  I feel that you have some important thoughts which may be useful to prepare a clear & comprehensive draft sorting this issue.


Dear ! please develop this issue in text draft in detail whatsoever is in your mind and post the same here so that the people here can also contribute in it and may we find some way.


Looking forward... 

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