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Anonymous...... (na)     09 January 2013

Relation between a married man and other women

Are frequent business trips between a married man and other woman and ignorance of family punishable under family law? Does that attract penality?

These trips are outdoor trips and not desk based. They are trips to organize trekking tours. Can they be not treated as pleasure trips? Is't that cheating.

These trips happen mostly during weekends taking away family time. Well he will say...you can join. Not everybody can join a trekking and hiking tours. They are strenous and need practise.


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Anonymous...... (na)     09 January 2013

He(my husband) says there is nothing wrong in it. Can court atleast force counselling and convincing session?

Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     09 January 2013

Please do not take to court level, common well wisher can solve if not there are good mediators or family counsellors who can solve. It may be hsi childhood undying interest to spend time on weekends in trekking. How is he in rest ofthe week days, if he is good and taking care, this could be only minor issue.

Ranee....... (NA)     09 January 2013

If there is nothing wrong and it is complete work purpose then its ok.If there is something then other spouse can seek divorce on this ground.If lady is married and other man knowing it keeps physical relation with her then her hubby can sue him for adultary u/s 497 IPC..

If lady is not married and man is married then there is no punishment for her..abla na.ri;(

now what you want to know is not clear

shrikant v. sathe (retired)     09 January 2013

If the lady is married ,her husband can sue that concerned trecker for illcit relationship with his wife under section 497ipc and he can get 5 years confinement.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     10 January 2013

But remember, 497IPC does nt come so easy. Mere trips wont mean s*xual relationship. Opp party has 2 prove beyond doubt that S8xual relation is there. If this lady love takes side of this man that nothing has happened b/w them, almost impossible to invoke IPC.

Anonymous...... (na)     10 January 2013

Emotional cheating is equally damaging to a marital relationship. It is unfortunate that emotional cheating has no say in matrimonial legal matters.

Anonymous...... (na)     10 January 2013

Started as a minor issue and husband left the house after fights and arguments. RCR filing - intent to lead a matrimonial life helps one to seek a divorce if other does not agree or can it help to build the relationship back? He was and is adamant and did not listen to anybody ( well wisher ).

Anonymous...... (na)     11 January 2013

If you take a poll how many women and adults would appreciate such interests and friends?

Anonymous...... (na)     11 January 2013

Current law cannot do anything. But should future remain that way?

Nina Rakheja (unhappily married)     11 January 2013

Nothing wrong if own marriage is disputed and disturbed..specially if the other party is doing the same.

Anonymous...... (na)     11 January 2013

Would men like their sisters and daughters go through that stress?

Anonymous...... (na)     11 January 2013

He will not do it if he is found guilty. Let it be just a penality.

manoj (designer)     18 January 2013

shall i ask yu the same thing what abt women who have brothers and sisters my life is ruined by one bad girl...there are always bad women and men in this world.try to cope things

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