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498 A fighter (Advocate)     15 August 2014

Related to 15aug holiday


[1] On 15 august in attendance register of school , teacher must have to sigh for their presence on that day?

explanation: As it is national holiday, already holiday is declared on that day, and red line was mrked on other holiday.

[2] Can Leave be marked in that register?

[3] present can be marked on that register then it shows that it was working day?

so no mark exept red line with note of  national holiday is sufficient ?

what is the exact procedudre for leave marking on 15August

[5] If person attending 15 august flag hosting anywhere in India  [ he have proof of it ]  then also he will mark absent in his working institution is allowed?


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Rangee (Lawyer)     15 August 2014

It is presumed that you are teacher in government school. As good teacher and as per conduct rules, you are duty bound to attend the school on the Independence Day 15th August, however if you are unable to attend due to some other work other than your head quarters, you should submit your leave application and obtain prior permission for remaining absent on that head, in that event, you should give an undertaking to your Boss, stating that you will attend the Flag Hoisting at the place of your stay.If your boss is doubting your undertaking , you should also furnish proof of having the Flag Hoisting in the place of leave and produce the same that will answer your question.


498 A fighter (Advocate)     19 August 2014


you are correct but i am asking here as a principal of school that if any teacher is come to school in that case whether i can put Leave [L] or Absent [A] '

is this permissible to put leave or absent on such days?

[2] Can Leave be marked in that register?

[3] present can be marked on that register then it shows that it was working day?


Rangee (Lawyer)     19 August 2014

Independence Day is National Holiday , attending to Flag Hoisting is duty part of Government Services. IF the permission is granted then mark as leave in the attendance Register, otherwise mark as absent and proceed to take action as per Rules. marking present in the Attendance REgister does not mean it is working day. Remaining absence means no leave has been granted and hence absence is double mis conduct both under conduct of Government service rules and as well not participating in flag hoisting. While interpreting the rules please avoid fanciful  imagination  of if and buts of future, law is very simple you obey or not obey there cannot be if  and buts. I hope i have clarified your doubts.


yogendra (engineer)     19 August 2014

Dear 498 fighter,

     If you want to use your attendance of 15 august eve as proof.just tell you was there and show your mobile records.It's easy to prove location of any one by mobile records.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     20 August 2014

आप लोग मेरा प्रश हि नही समज रहे,

i am principal of college , one teacher not came on 15 august,

if i put leave then he raise objection that it  is national holiday,

if put presence which is not possible as he was absent on that day,

if i mark absent then on holiday you cant make absent,,,

so what procedure should i adopt?

it is not matter of presence or absence , it is a question regarding Marking in register,

no logical and hypthothetical or moral answer likes it is moral duty to attend this is every one knows?

i want correct rule ,exact rule and exact procedure... to mark presence , absence etc.....

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     18 May 2020

your never clarified


whether it is govt school


whether schooled opened on that day


whywasthe teacher required on that day.

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