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Ruchika Anand (HR)     16 March 2012

Regarding stridhan

This is in relation/cont. to my earlier post regarding physical abuse and divorce.

I have taken back my two ornaments while separation but rest lies with my mother in law (Jewels that my parents gave to them during sagan ceremony and the ornaments they gave me on sagan ceremony) accept two ornaments everything lies with them.

I have the bills with me of the jewels my parents gave to them.

The day sagan ceremony was there they played a game that they sent our photographers back saying there photographers will give them the pics and our photographers went back.But later there photographer is not producing any pics to us saying he has destryed all off out of all the functions we dont have sagan ceremony pictures.We came to know later of boy side intensions.

And now how will i proove that what they had given to me that day???and claim my stridhan

Please advice


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Shwetha (Software Engineer)     16 March 2012



do you have any?,,,,uncle, aunt, neighbours, anybody?


do you have other pictures of you wearing that jewellery...may be picture taken when you went to attend your some other friend or relative's wedding or something wearing the same jewellery...


you can use such photographs along with your witnesses to establish the fact that the jewellery was indeed given,,,

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sri (ceo)     16 March 2012

mere wearing and attending marriage function or marriage photo cannot be said as gift... a gift deed is a must to establish gift... read gift definition...

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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     16 March 2012

Produce original bills and also summon the shop owners to identify the bills and also photographer to give deposition that the film is destroyed.  Your attempts themselves are enough to shake their confidence and come out with truth.

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     17 March 2012

You are to prove your case by evidence, which you can only do it. Seek advice from your lawyer who shall be better to tell you in your situation.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     18 March 2012

The said matter can not be decided during evidence only.


This matter would be decided prima-facie during bail produced.





Shonee Kapoor

Self service (None)     18 March 2012

You have two questions;

1. How to prove that jewellary was given to you?

Not of much importace, even if you prove that jewellaey was given to you. Your secound question decides output of claim.

2.How to take back or prove jewellary is wilth your in laws.

Even if every one accepts that jewellary was given and it is your stridhan, you should be able to prove that it is with your in laws. Even your inlaws will say it was yours and in your possesion.


Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     18 March 2012

I wish to correct my earlier statement.


I meant to write : The said matter can be decided during evidence only.





Shonee Kapoor

Ruchika Anand (HR)     19 March 2012

That is what they are saying that its all with me......i have taken my stridhan and deleted all marriage pics also.....

But one nuteral person was there who saw me not taking anything on that day......

Shwetha (Software Engineer)     19 March 2012

then use that person as a witness...

all you or anyone can do is, file a complaint and present the available witnesses. Now, whether the judge believes your story or the other person's story depends on the way you guys present it...we cannot judge your case for you...

for example, lets say, you say 10 things in your statement/complaint and your husband says 10 different things in his response.  Now, lets say you have evidences/witnesses for 8 things you said but not for the other 2. And you have evidences to prove that 8 things your husband is saying are false. In this case since it is proved that the 80% of the things you are saying are facts and the 80% of the things that your husband is saying are false, for the remaining 20% the judge MAY give you the benefit of doubt. This was just an example. The percentages may vary.

That is exactly why I say, state only the facts and your husband in order to defend himself will not have a choice but to lie and deny the facts. Strike him on every false statement he has made. This way, even if you dont have evidences, since you have proved that he is a liar, you win. That is why it is important to state the facts. If you lie, and he denies it, then you annot prove that he is a liar. Infact, the risk of you being considered a liar increases.

you can also fo through

Hope this helps.

sri (ceo)     19 March 2012

leaving anything requires handover...a job a home or anything... otherwise people will suspect it as a act of robbery...cheating or you are in bigger need of defending your position rather than attacking...

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     19 March 2012

Contact local lawyer, whereever you are living.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     19 March 2012

As I previously suggested it is a matter of evidence.


You and he would prodce evidence to fortify the claim. The court would decide whom they find reliable.,





Shonee Kapoor

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