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Rajiv Gandhi Next PM-- --No No No No

Indian media is speeding up the idea that Rahul Gandhi is going to be the next Prime minister of India. A lot many model girls and actresses have declared that He is their first choice to get married. A lot many prominent journalists are interviewing Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.What quality these people have apart from being the son & daughter of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime minister of India who was a son of Smt. Indira Gandhi who was also a prime minister of India.

Opposing him as a PM doesn't mean that I am supporting anyone else or any other party,it only means an opposition of Dynasty ism,it is a nasty ism.Opposing him only means, opposing the fake democracy which is nothing but a hidden Imperialism,.Opposing him only means supporting the real Democracy in which You,me or any body whosoever is worthy could be the PM or CM or MLA or Councilor,opposing him means wishing to find out a system where any worthy but even not-so-rich,any worthy but even not having any Political or Royal background,any worthy but even not a sportsperson or Film or TV actor could reach Parliament,

Opposing him does not mean opposing him as a person,

Opposing him means even supporting him if he proves that he has some qualities apart from being a successor of Gandhi family.

Plz. ponder over this.

Watch and Comment:----


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Raju Ramparag Gupta (Advocate)     09 September 2010

Being a fan of Rahul Gandhi i feel that he should be the next prime minister.

but i also sometimes take the above point and think. it is really makes me dissappointment that only one family is running our country for more than 50yrs.

At the same time i see the Congress party so strong and ofcourse in power that it will not allow anyone to take over the charge of the party and the country.

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adv. rajeev ( rajoo ) (practicing advocate)     09 September 2010

Indian PM post is inherited to Gandhi Family.  Gandhi Family members are the only legal heirs to the PM post.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     09 September 2010

Rahul is not acquainted with the situation and complexity of this nation. So, first he should make himself acquainted and gain experience then he should think of it. Otherwise his stature will be misused.

It is really shocking and unfortunate that such a big and great country of 1.2 billion population, looks at Nehru Dynasty for the post of PM.

What will happen to the Personalities/figures like Ms. Kiran Bedi, Sh. Ved Prakash Marwah, Mr. T N Sheshan and the list is endless?


@ tusharcosmic

very good views...i agree!

however in your thread title,u have mentioned rajiv gandhi instead of rahul gandhi


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Aishwarya,really thanks for contributing and mentioning my mistake,I meant Rahul Gandhi,of course.

Democratic Indian (n/a)     10 September 2010

I agree we are having a kind of imperialism(rule of elite) under the cover of democracy. But the pity is common people need to understand this. It is demoncracry instead of democracy.
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@ tusharcosmic

u r most welcome!

i wud also point out that i have gone thru many of ur threads and really like ur views that can have a major +ve impact on someone's thinking...keep up ur good work and keep writing like this always

i admire ur courage due to which u touch such sensitive issues which no one wud dare to...

infact if people adopt such an approach,india will transform v.soon

hv a good day!


avijit chatterjee (CEO)     21 June 2011

@DemoIndia Very fair comments - I would like to submit that between the key posts of Cong Prez and PM, there have ben many eminent persons. Nothing is preventing voters from rejecting 'dynasty'..only the crowd response may be diff in tirunelveli during the capmpaign trail between Shree Gadkari and what Sonia could generate.


Parties elect leaders who can win elections - hence the periodic 'noise' from oppn groups about dynasty..check out the large number 0f 3 gen MLAs MPs. Electoral politics have to be understood on many criteria - stalwarts like BC Roy MGR campaigned only for their party - their seats were secure!!

Finally, in business dynasties prevail across the board. Politics is the business of providing justice fair play, equity.

Dipangkar (Business)     22 June 2011

After Rahul it will be veronica and so on.......





well said democratic indian.

Rahul Gandhi has been caught by american customs for carrying lacs of dollars on his US vacation....they have unlimited money

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