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shivam gakhar   02 May 2018

Problem to sign a bond

I want to join a company but HR said you have to sign a bond so i said ok. Send me a copy of bond i want to read it. But she said no. when you join the company than we will give you the bond and than you read it and sign the bond at that time you cannot take bond anywhere else so what should i do ?


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R.Ramachandran (Advocate)     02 May 2018

You join the job.

When they give you the bond, you can certainly read it. 

(Say, I will read it and come back to you in 5-10 minutes.  In the meanwhile, If possible try to take photo of the same through your cell phone)

If you find the same not agreeable to you, say you do not want to sign the bond.  WHAT WILL THEY DO THEN?  In any case, if the same bond was given to you before joining also, if you do not want to sign it, you will not sign and not join.  In the present scenario, you will first join and then refuse to sign if you are not comfortable with the bond.  That's all.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     02 May 2018

To sign or not to sign the said Bond on DOJ is your personal decision..

To sign or not to sign the said Bond before DOJ/on DOJ until you have shown IT to your elders of the family, well wishers, seasoned employee’s/trade union leaders, your own very able senior LOCAL counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in Labor/service matters and having successful track record ….. and worth his/her salt … is your personal decision..

You can decline to sign on the spot!

Kumar Doab (FIN)     02 May 2018

Try to build some irrefutable evidences in your favor that can be referred in the need be.

Once you sign IT becomes a document that can be claimed as signed by you by your free will and can be submitted before an authority/court of law to claim liquidated damages narrated in said Bond…

Later IT may be decided that the said Bond is unconscionable, unreasonable, void…but you may have to go thru the need to contest.

Usually the need to sign any document arrives after job advt/job application/interview call letter/selection letter/offer letter/appointment letter/induction or joining………………….

Was there any written communication narrated in any of these or separately that you shall have to sign a Bond?

The said Bond is crafted in lieu of which extra ordinary benefits by employer to you say; some certified training from some certified Instt, at cost of employer?

What would be the cost of such training and what would be the tenure of mandatory service by you and/or liquidated damages to be paid?

 Is IT stated that you shall be paid the expenses to attend interview and joining by employer on record/in writing?

What is the repute and ranking of the company that has communicated condition of Bond?

Can’t you have choice of other employers that won’t press for such demands?

Does statement of HR person mean that even after signing the said Bond you shall not be getting authenticated copy?

What else is demanded or shall be demanded from you e.g; to deposit original testimonials as some collateral or FDR and even sureties in Bond?

Would you like to post who has suggested LCI to you to post the query; say some employee’s/colleagues/employee’s unions! They may have also opined on Bond and hazards on signing on such documents…

There are many threads on such queries at LCI that you can search in ‘SEARCH’ option and pick up relevant points…

Employee should avoid signing on such condition of Bond until or unless there are some extra ordinary benefits provided by employer and employee desperately want to join such establishment.

Rest is upto you and you may chose the option as deemed fit to you at your end.

BAALASUBRAMANNYAMM (Advocate)     04 May 2018

You should be careful, before signing on a Bond. They can enforce the document against you, in any case, if  any differences aroses, while perming duties. So be careful . If you once satisfies the terms and conditions as mentioned in the bond, then only you will proceed further.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     04 May 2018

Always discuss with elders of your family, competent and experienced well wishers/colleagues….

Get in touch with seasoned LOCAL employee’s/trade union leaders……………………!


And approach your own very able senior LOCAL counsel of unshakable repute and integrity specializing in Labor/service matters and having successful track record ….. and worth his/her salt …and discuss in person and even seasoned employee’s/trade union leaders and proceed in best of your interest.. 


Check at LOCAL Labor Court/CGIT, Controlling Authority of Gratuity, School-Educational Tribunal, CAT, Civil Courts, HC,SC……..

You will also find that there are IT’s and entities and alikes on IT’s tail, that have attempted to distract sharing of information, citations, relevant act/enactments, judgments and have littered IT’s Trademark nuisance, sarcasm ,abuse and TAMASHA and failed miserably and became  sole TAMASHBEEN  ( own favorite words of IT’s and entities and alikes on IT’s tail) for a simple reason that such IT’s and entities do not want sharing of information for e.g; community of employee’s and want at allure and fleece unsuspecting querists………..and loiter at online portals to find BAKRA (SHIKAR……..clients) ………………….nothing else!


Such IT's and entities and alikes that ride on the tail of such entities are reading here and there, string the information in their computers and are posing ; they are nothing but Nakalchee, Muftakhore ( Copycat, Freemongers), Vela insaan ( Idel person) and remain glued to internet to fish for clinets .. in gangs ( Tolee) ! 

Make such entities popular and blacklisted permanently amongst communities and companies unions.. and if such entities have collected any monies/fees post back for response..

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