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police is doing harassment

Hi Seniors,


Kindly help me. I am going through with a serious problem. In november my mother caught a theif who was try to snatch my mothers earing. On the spot my mother caught the thief. At that moment only my mom took over her earings from the snatcher and public handovered the theif to the police. police requested my mom to register the case against the thief but as i was not in the town, so my mom refused for filing the case and came back to home. Next day when i came back then police approched me and asked me to file the case. I did the same. Till now everything was fine.

   But next day in night 11.00 pm inspector came to us and asked to handover the earings to him for evidence. We did the same. He told us that we would return the earings after two days. After passing one week when i asked him about my earings then he said i need to so SHO of thana. He has the power to return the earings. When i approched SHO then he said i need to come next day. it happened for one more month. after one month when i met us then he told that we need to go court and have to apply from court. We did that too. We applied for releasing of our earings. But almost 4 months have passed but no progress. Judge is not doing anything. I am going on every date but judge never attend me case. TAREEK PE TAREEK DE RAHI HAI VO.


So I request you guys kindly help me in this matter. I will be really very gratefull to you. Kindly suggest me how to proceed furthe.


Shall i file RTI regarding my case or what?



Your kind help will be highly appreciated.





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You need to understand is that the "Ear Rings" are now acting as a proof to nail the culprit. The will not be released untill the case is disposed of.


If the police has made a official document and then taken it from you, then just retain that document which would state clearly as to what has been taken from you with size & weight. While they would return it, based on that document you would get the return.


Don't call it harassment as it is the process of law. Suppose of someone commits murder with your kitchen knife and police confiscates it. You cannot claim it back as it becomes the evidence. Buy another one if you need. Evidences stays in the custody of court till disposal of the case.





Hi Saurabh,


Thanks for your reply. Kindly let me know one more thing that how much time it could take further. As whenever i go on my date in court, judge always says that she has not gone through CD till now. When I asked to PESHKAR about this then he said "JUDGE NE CD APNE PASS RAKHI HAI AUR KUCH NAHI KER RAHI. VO PEHLE CHORI WALE KES MEIN MUMMY KI GAWAHI KARAYEGI THEN IS REALSE WALE CASE MEIN KUCH KAREGI".

So is there any way to fastern then process?

One more thing I dont have anything in written from the Police. So what to do now?


Kindly advice.


Thanks in advance.






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