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Pls suggest:498a wife-can be forgiven to home?yesorno

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I am not at all asking you to stop him at all ... i am just asking you to WAIT and WATCH before framing any opinion !!

dowry victim (housewife)     09 December 2012

I post my question here as it is relevant to the topic.


I filed 498a and DVC on my husband and he is begging me to withdraw my cases and go back to him?


does he mean it or is he just trying to fool me to get out of trouble?

victim (master)     09 December 2012

@dowry victim. reunion after true/false 498a and dv will not work properly.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     09 December 2012

dear dowry victim,


If your husband is begging for re-union no surprise.  The legal process in India crushes the ego of many.  I do not agree to expression like "dowry victim. reunion after true/false 498a and dv will not work properly"  even robbers surrenders terrorirst do. 


Examine the matter in totality and if possible re-unite as peace is never to costly.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     09 December 2012

I am jhappy and thankgul to Gujan having now expresed "I am not at all asking you to stop him at all .." earlier she stateehat "NO, Never , Nahi , illa , Na baba na ...... "


she had earlier even gone to the extent of personally humiliating me by writing that  "The person saying YES (or DEPENDS or MAYBE ) is either a 498a bride herself or one of the pricks whose daughter or sister is sitting at their house after filing a number of bogus cases against her husband " While my intention was only to give sincere advise to the peson who comes to this forum with hope.


Wihtout even meeting the wife of the querist and without he himself having said anything adverse against her, Gunjan even imagined her nature and remarked " why should one take a risk of living with a wife who is unpredictable " and also " every single minute of her life expecting the extortion amount from husband and in-laws "

Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     10 December 2012

I strongly object the language being used here for the experts of the site. Admin should take strict action against such persons who so ever they may be who are fond to use unparliamentary and derogatory language against our companions.


Disagreement over advice is a legal right of every one to which we all respect but this doesn't mean to insult expert in such language.

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victim (master)     10 December 2012

Most of us here can understand the pain of a man who if facing troubles due to false cases filed by wife, specially that wife whom the man had loved like anything and due to trival issues and short term gains she took this step. BUT Under any circumstances one should not loose his own dignity. Avoid using such language.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     10 December 2012

besides humiliating me (S/499) the language used also attrcats some mor provisions of IPC.

Samuel (CEO)     11 December 2012

@Gunjan: Your views are welcome, but certainly not in the form of eyebrow stretched reading!


This  forum made to help each other legally with their learned experience, I am afraid , foul language and harsh words may add ingredient to your point on bad perspective, but definitely not in matured or professional way of seeing thru the issue.


498a wife accepting/disowning depends from case to case.., I agree one point that life would be miserable once you are united with trust broken wife.., but in other hand, life is all about fall and raise. Yes there are families after 498a!



 Wife is having another affair and wanted to live with EX, before she walk off she wanted to have handful of money by threading husband. After Leaving husband, some point she realize EX does not take her or treat her the way expected and  he wants to have her as “Secret Sweetheart”… where Wife realize mistake and look forward to come back to husband for a Normal Wife-Husband relationship!


-       NO, Wife cannot be taken back! After all husband are human.


Instance 2:


Wife wanted to take revenge on Husband cos of yesterday night verbal fight.. which she has shared with her beloved mom every word, Wife’s  Mom bombard the situation to her every relative and get in to husband wife fight, bring it to police station…, just to threaten, but things go out of hand when the matters get into PS doors…, Wife still have in corner of heart that she not have done this but still matter goes wild after Police Lawyer come into picture….


-       Yes, Only when she regrets give comforts to husband in writing that she wont go out her brain!


Instance 3:


Wife Does not like new culture and new found relationship house! FIL,MIL wanted to settle with husband alone.. Pretending the normal conversation as if they accuse wife, framing a story as if they are avoiding her or cornering her..,  she think about loopholes!  after hearing advice by some or instigation by some dangerous relative/neighbor/lawyer, she make a complaint for a separate house living….  Some Female win over what they wanted, but some Wife Loose their Golden laying egg Life, because of silly expectations.


-       Yes, Provided her wrong doing will be forgiven and her written statement on understanding its wrong.


Other instances....?????

BIG Question:






Msk-need -nuetral- laws (self)     11 December 2012

Dear Samuel,

I politely disagree, my side of views to those instances.

Instance 1: No sane person will take such wife, so agreed, no one will disagree here

Instance 2: What difference does it make than threatening a person with gun in hand or maiming self than using provsion of 498a? Did not they know that using law to revenge only deterioate than resolving it? If they are not basically that matured, how on earth in future , it is gauranteed that she wont repeat again? may be in future not 498a may be sucide threat is n,t it? If they dont have baisc conscience of not hurting somebody for no fault, do you think tehy will change? Or do you think human will attain enlightenment only on some envitable situations? If you weigh clearly, they are the smart cheaters! Only exception to your point here is, innocent , rural women who may be emboldened by lawyer can be forgiven only in scenario where she cleraly unable to foresee the consequences!

Instance 3: Again, a fault finder who cannot amicably solve such petty issue, taking till legislative/adminidtrative authority will always remain same. So no use taking them or even if you take them , tehy will use different trump card.

On above two instances, the chance is only abysmally 10% for happy ending after reconsillation.

So why to take risk? Of course if one's  second wife is also similar to the first one, better blame it on Fate. make life moving.. 




Secondly , I would like to ask people who felt offended by my language ," Have you ever given a single thought about the language which is spoken in Woman cell & police station to innocent husbands and his family members ???  Without even any investigation they are treated like criminals ... is this right ?? "

If you are feeling offended by few written words which were not even directed towards you , you can very well imagine the pain of innocent husbands which they undergo in police station , women cells and courts !! ....and still you are asking to take back a 498a wife ??

It should be a strict NO for 498a wives whatever the circumstances may be ..... If you leave the scope of reuniting after 498a wives will continue to abuse the law ... why should men face all the heat ?? Due to the linient viewpoint i have seen many families who have made 498a as their family business and lawyers acting as touts !!  Sorry buddies ... I cant support family level corruption ... Do you ?

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Kumar Doab (FIN)     12 December 2012

Mr. Makkad has rightly pointed out.

The language used is highly objectionable and is condemned.

Please spare the learned experts of this wonderful portal. These experts have enriched the forum with their knowledge and advice and have helped many fellow citizens.

If the law has loop holes, and law of the land is used /abused to harass the citizens, lawmakers should be taken to task. Vent your ire against suppressor of your rights and not the experts.

Let the thread for discussion remain a thread for decent and meaningful discussion.

Using derogatory, insulting, unparliamentary words in threads of LCI should not be permitted at all.

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