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Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     21 November 2011

Please help and save me from corrupted govt officers


This is to all Seniors and Experts,

I am a CA Student from Kachchh ( Gujarat ). Now, I am a victim of Govt offices (like all ordinary people of India) and I found helpless so asking for help from all the seniors and experts, I am facing following two problems,

(1) I applied for 2 wheeler driving licence in September month in local RTO office, they accepted my form and said come after one month for test I came back without knowing that they issue LEARNING LICENCE on submission of form ( I went there after inquiring the procedure but all said we get licence from AGENT so you do the same, no one told me about the procedures).

Now, RTO officers are saying we don't have time to find your submission form, come tommorrow and at tommorrow again one more tommorrow.  I can't go every day as I am in service and RTO office is out of CITY almost 8 km.

Agents are sitting outside the RTO office and every person compulsirialy have to take there help for getting licence, if someone try to go direct licence from officers then they will do things what they are doing with me?

And if someone take help of agent then that person even don't need to know driving he/she get licence of 2 wheelers and 4 wheelers without driving test just he must have money. (Actuall fee is Rs. 60 illegal fees is around 600).

Now what I do, please help. I am driving on roads without driving licence because my job location is 4 km away from hope. 

Second problem,

(2) My father applied for new electricity connection in May-2011 for our new under construction house. Few days ago when my father went to local Electricity board office (i.e. PASCHIM GUJARAT VIDYUT COMPANY LTD.), the Cheif Engeenir rudely replied that your application has been cancelled because you have come after long time. The problem is they didn't give intimation to us ( but the Chief Engineer was saying we have intimated you go post office and ask). But in real we didn't get infomation or letter about there decision. He said fill a new form.

Again here they are forcing us indirectly for taking service of illegal agents so they can get there share of bribe.

I tried to complaint for this on grivience cell provided on the ELCTRICITY BOARD WEBSITE But local complaint center is not reciving my call. There E-mail is not working and on Head Office they received but latter they cut my phone delibaretly without listening my complaint.

I tried to did following things for copping with above problems,

(1) Called to NATIONAL CONSUMER FORUM helpline but they said they can't help.

(2) Tried to call ZEE NEWS HELPLINE but there phones are busy.

Now, please suggest what to do? Its not only my problem but its the problem of all common people of India.

Thanks in Advance.

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Democratic Indian (n/a)     21 November 2011

If they are not providing the status of your applications, do an RTI in both these offices to know the status of your applications.
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Kanaksinh P.Boda (Educationist/Lawyer)     22 November 2011

I am not sure but it seems that you must have submitted your application for driving in District RTO at Bhuj. If it is so, you may send your complaint to the Ahmedabad Office of Gujarat Transpost Authority and a copy to Bhuj Office. Also follow the same procedure fo Electiricity and complain to their heads in Ahmedabad with a copy  to local body.

You may take help of a website exclusively meant for RTI applicants and they file their complaints on the behalf and also provide feed backs recieved, which you may use subsequently, if not satisfied, for filing consumer case.

The named of the wesite is ''.

. All kutchhi people are known for their courage and self respect who faced natural disasters like earthquakes and refused help from all quarters of earth.

So be brave and fight it out. Wish you all the best, kutchi maadu.

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Abhimanyu Bind (Account & Audit Assistant)     22 November 2011

@Kank Sir- Sir, I have filled my application for driving licence in Gandhidham RTO Office as I am from Gandhidham.

Kanaksinh P.Boda (Educationist/Lawyer)     22 November 2011

In that case also the same procedure will help you to wake up these officers from their deep sleep.

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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     16 January 2012

Please check from website where is the State Vigilance Bureau office located. They are empowered to make arrests in crooutption andbribery cases.

Parthasaradhy (VP Technology)     08 March 2012

To be honest Iam sure almost 100% of the ordinary citizens face this problem. Many of them get around these things only through agents. As far as I know there is no proper way out. The RTO office and a lot of other Govt places do not give out information and they try to exploit you as much as possible. I am not sure if there is any proper procedure anymore. The suggestions given above are like eye openers to me and givens me a feeling that still there is some proper procedure out there which is totally surprising. I don't understand why Govt acts as if it is blind to all these and lets this happen on purpose. It gives a feel as if they are a part of this conspiracy since this is present across the country and Gujarat is not an exception.

DR.SANAT KUMAR DASH (Eye Specialist)     08 March 2012

File    a      RTI    Application    to   know   about    u'r   progress    in    the  matters   &    if   not   got   any   reply   within    stipulated   30   days.   then   file    a   Consumer   case   in    the   District   Consumer  Forum    for   Deficiency   in   Service.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     08 March 2012

you are wastingy our energy to fiight petty corruption. If you hav desire to fight use same energy to fight big. If you commit acciddent without D/License then you pay the compensation from your pocket so there is no need to get bike insurance. You will be jailed. you will be tried your are on bail then you will bribe the court clerk on every date to ensure that he allows you to record attendance so tath bail is not cancelled. If jailed you will bribe the sernior prinsoers for seleping place for full night. Your family will bribe the court clerk so as to ensuer that your bail order reachers jail before sunset. If someone dies by your bike accident (even by his own mistake) you pay his family for the loss of his earning capacity till the age of 60 and insurance company will not come to your rescue being unlicensed driver.  If you want to fight then get a driving license so that none is able to jail you when you fight.


You should hve electricity connection to as to be able to operate the gadgets required for fighting corruption.

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