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I got married in April 2016 and since then my husband is not looking after my needs. He says that I am earning and I should myself look after my needs. My salary is 28 K and my husband is earning 80 K. He says that he won't give a single penny to me. He has taken many policies in his name like life insurance, pension policy etc. When I ask him to nominate me for those policies then he says that he has secured his future and I should secure mine. Mine is a love marriage and earlier he used to say that he will bear my expenses but now he's completely changed. I am frustrated with his thinking and i feel insecure. I want to seek divorce. If a wife is earning then does it mean that her husband is not bound to take care of her needs?Please advise. 


Why dont you both should open a joint account and deposit your respective salaries in it. R u open for this idea madam ??



The insurnace compnay shall accept the nomination if the nominee is one that can not be frowned upon. If he is nominating from his family/blood relations then he can.

Nominee is Life Insurance is not the owner byt mere a trustee and hand to recive the proceeds and distribute amongst legal heirs/successors..............................................Except in case of equity shares.

 You may save asd much as possible for you from your income.

Ask your husband to share atleast half of household expenses.

Involve elders if required.






Originally posted by : Born Fighter
Why dont you both should open a joint account and deposit your respective salaries in it. R u open for this idea madam ??

Thanks for the advise. I am open to this idea and he also once sugested to deposit some percentage of our salaries in joint account. But he's very much into the family (his parents and relatives) that he spends a lot on them. Though his father is a retired government employee and gets his pension. I am not against towards contributing to family needs but I am also a part  of his family and he should take care of me as he takes care of his parents. I am scared that he may use that money on his parents and relatives needs. But I want to save that money for our future and kids. Even if we make plans for trip then his parents accompany us everywhere because he says he can't go without them. They accompany us to the movies, dinners, trips etc. We don't have any privacy at all and lot of money gets wasted in pleasing them. So, he's always left with no money in the end of the month. I am not even aware where he exactly spends his money.


Sister I think your main problem is your husband and you dnt have privacy and he spend money on his parents. It's one of the biggest reason of ur insecurity. Every things began fine as time goes. Marriage is all about adjustment. When you start treating his family is your family you will never get these thing in ur mind. I am sure he will also start caring you. Do you think the same thing if you or your husband spend these money on our own parents. Easy to say about divorce but its hard to maintain relationship . You are wife treat his parents as your own parents. The direction in which you are thinking you will get only divorce. Its your love marriage enjoy your life with your husband and his family.

Dear sir mujhe jaanna hai meri wife ne mere pe folesh 498a or 125 ka case keya hai pr mujhe avi tak notice nhi aai hai or mai act 9 lgata hu to kya mai bach sakta hu



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