partition of ancestral property-

Father came from Pakistan and settled in Rehabilitated Colony under L&DO. Father had four sons and on daughter and died Intestate. At that time there were two properties: 1.Father Property 2.Mother property(From her mother) Now when family members got together(5) 1st Sister was compensated as per her demand to sign on relinquishment Deed. Rest four brothers valued two properties which came to 15 lakh.1 property-3lakh 2nd property 12 Lakh where 2 and half portions were made) Independent property with some cash went to one brother and 12 lakh property went to other three and compensating the other brother for the less value of the floor. Two relinquishment deeds were made: 1. 3L(Independent House);by other Three Brothers and Sister 2. 12L(two and half floor House), by the one brother and sister in favour of the other three brothers. These 2 Documents were only executed The 12L property had 3 brother but could not freehold due to laws existed at that time and never bothered afterwards when it was possible. Now after 35 years one brother living in 12L property came forward for partition as freeholding from L&DO would cause hefty fines as he has illegally construction on his portion. Kindly provide the Status and what can be done by Defendats.



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