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ash83 (.)     13 December 2023

Order 11 rule 15 - court permission required? ?

For notice under Order 11 rule 15 to opp party  - court permission required please ? For inspection and copies take off .

..is their any specific template to send notice to opp party please?


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P. Venu (Advocate)     13 December 2023

What are the facts? What is the context?

ash83 (.)     13 December 2023


1. I need to ask  registered GPA defendant has mentioned in WS to produce for inspection and take copy there off.  I know this is not true..in list of documents def has said notarized gpa ..but ws he has said registered gpa

2. He has referred one developer has acquired lands in ws.. need.to ask defendants to produce joint development agreemnt of that is true.

3  In ws def said he has said he converted all lands ... but that Is.not true...need to ask him.to.produce conversion copy which proves land is converted 


4. Similar such documents referred in his ws but not produced before court with list of documents 



Sanskriti Tiwari   13 December 2023

Under Order 11 Rule 15 of the Civil Procedure Code, if a party wishes to inspect documents in the possession of the opposite party or seeks copies of those documents, they are required to issue a notice to the opposite party. This notice serves as a formal request for inspection or copies of the documents in question.

Regarding court permission, the rule typically doesn't explicitly mandate court permission for sending such a notice. However, if there are specific circumstances or if the court has issued any specific orders restricting access to these documents, seeking court permission might be necessary.

As for templates, while there might not be an official or specific template provided in the law, legal professionals often have standardized formats for such notices. These templates usually include details like the parties' names, case number, descripttion of documents sought, and a formal request for inspection or copies.

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ash83 (.)     14 December 2023

Thanks Sir. There is no restrictions by the court to ask documents.

The Case is in hearing of IA for injunction. 

So there is no IA required for me to produce before court. 



Dr. J C Vashista (Advocate )     14 December 2023

It is your right to inspect document for which you may issue notice.

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Advocate Bhartesh goyal (advocate)     14 December 2023

No need to seek permission to issue notice to opposite party for inspection of documents which have relevance with case and in possession of opposite party.

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ash83 (.)     14 December 2023

thank you all for the immense help in understanding the provisions of law. 

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