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one of our land sold twice

HI, My father and his brothers sold and  agriculture land  on 1989 with survey number 22, 33(example), the buyer took postion and cultivationg land till last month, but one more buyer (say buyer1) is claming the land took position, where we had a transaction with that  buyer on 1971 we sold some four survey numbers 11,22,33,44 where 22 and 33 was wrong entry where it supposed to be 55,66 and he is using it now. 
Now buyer2 (1989 buyer) had filled a criminal complaint against us, and requesting us to give the compenstation land. please advice me how we can proceed.

Retired employee.

The proper way is to get the entire land resurveyed by applying to Tehasildar and paying fees and then correcting the mistake, if it happened without intention to cheat.



Your father and his brother, if alive, should be in the know of the things. If they are not alive, no criminal case lies.


Thanks Sir for immediate reply, My father and one of his brother is alive, eldest brother is died actually who only initiated the sale for her daughters marriage and that land is his share, since they didnt do any settlements documents all there were signed the sale deed.

Finally we agreed to compensate him, is there a way to cancel the 1989 sale deed, and do we document like we are compenstating for the that land?

Retired employee.

You can approach to Legal Services Authority and enter into a compromise settlement, which can not be challenged any where else.  Contact an advocate and get the compromise award registered after such settlement made before LSA.




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