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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     19 December 2011

Nri tantrums

Boy and girl marry to live together and enjoy each one's companionship physically and mentally.  Marriage should not be done by a boy  to provide a cook and maid servant servant (read wife)  to his parents at matrimonial home, while he is living abroad and finding excuses for not taking wife abroad.  Above this, he puts allegation that his wife is not living in matrimonial home obediently serving his old parents but threatening to file "false cases" against him and his family.  If a man leaves his wife at matrimonial home, in new environment, to serve his parents and goes away abroad in the name of earning livelihood, it is not only physical cruelty but also mental cruelty and definetely attracts Section 498-A.  So, if such wife files a case under Section 498-A, it is defnitely a genuine case and not a "false case" as averred by boys.  I often see such kind of querries from the boys putting all the allegations against the wife and her parents for threatening to file cases against the boys.  They also shamelessly say "I have not taken even a single paisa as dowry", as if he is doing the noblest thing in the whole world.  When this mind set of such husbands change?


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Sanjeev (Lawyer)     19 December 2011

@Chandu - thats your personal opinion that living away in a foreign country leaving your wife here in India attracts 498A and involves physical cruelty. There are reasons for living seperate in most cases would be the visa constraints or no company sponsorship for spouse due to not a long term travel. Morever people might go in for short business trips to earn money for the future.

There needs to be understanding between the spouses. The reference you gave about the specific query in the forum should have been answered therein by you instead of creating a new post gaining synpathy or applause for your greatness of views about women betterment.

If you dont agree with a forum querist post your views there instead of creating a generalised view on the queries.

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Sameer12345 (SSE)     19 December 2011

its all a matter of understanding between spouse... One should not force or expect wife to stay with in-laws alone for so long... Especially more than 6 Months....  It is difficult for wife to live with in-laws if she is not willingly to live in such situation. ( It attracts 498a )


If It is a matter of short time period, Wife should co-operate.... ( 498s will be a weak case)


I respect Chanu Adv Chandu and Sanjeev's view here.... 

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     19 December 2011

@ Adv. Chandu

Such so called mind set will never change courtesy mind set of Advocates such as you who love giving colour of S. 498a IPC to each and every conceivable situations to a  Indian marriage just to somehow attract S. 498a / 406 IPC.

Here is a blunt to the point straight que. asked to you who is practicing law from last 20 years and probably got married say some 20 years back and further probably has some elders still living at his home where his wife also lives with him.

Que. to you: Is it not mental and physical cruelty per se S. 498a IPC as you yourself say above for your wife whom you leave at home every day from last 20 years of court practice for roughly 8 hours during working in Chamber / Courts? Does she do not need s*x and your companionship in those 8 hrs. which you leave her away from you in the name of bread earning? I suppose your parents also live with you too. Now proudly you will say you also didnot took single penny as dowry 20 years back ! Right ...

Let's hear Advocates found of S. 498a IPC straight answers to above question.


Why donot you open a parchun dukan at home to be with your wife 24 X 7 = 365 days and with your elder parents so that no S. 498a IPC colour is seen even in a Advocates personal life! You have some deep seated biased grudge against Dowry – Dowry death – have only in your 20 years life studied S. 498a / 406 IPC and nothing else in Law it seems and such advocates are shameless social dangers than this NRI husband reference thread post for which you created this separate post to cook up another situation as to how to file S. 498a IPC !!!. I also mean to say reading your this separate post that no husband in India should move 1 inch away from his wife to earn a living to feed her and his family and should on the day of his marriage kill all elders in his family so that wife should not have to look after in Laws while husband is earning a living for the family sitiing on her lap - what a idiotic mind set some advocates have in public forums. 

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     19 December 2011

i agree with Sanjeev.

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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     19 December 2011


Strongly agree to Tajobsindia View.


Being husband maintaing livelyhood  of family and medicals for ailing parents..if he goes out for job/business purpose then whats wrong ....if wife files DV in this case then she would love to get maintenance based on foreign income of husband still doesnt want to fulfill the responsibilities towards husband/family of husband.


**Victim** (job)     20 December 2011

I agree with Tajobsindia reply at the end of the day someone has to make sure what they are going to eat ? Chandu doesn't understand either husband or wife has earn in order to live. If he is so concerned about such tradition then he should file a petition saying that husband needs to stay with inlaws, he should be responsible for cooking and taking care of kids and then wife has to go and earn money  how about that ? But still at the end of the day someone has to go and make money.


Wait a minute did Tajobsindia mentioned about having s*x ? Well when wife comes back from work then husband is responsible to serve the damn dinner on the table and then if wife wish to  have s*x then only love can happen but if she refuses and husband force her to have s*x then it's considered rape because still laws are women biased .........


I have serious doubts on Chandu's sorry...Ld Chandu's being a lawyer..


He should read section 498A thouroughly and should go thorugh various judgements of the SC to get more knowledge on the subject...


Or May be he knows but has no work..and loves spending time in this forum poking pins in the asses of other that they reply ot his post..and he can enjoy the tamasha....


Auroton jaisa kaam karta hai yeh..

I thnk we should close this thread..



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Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     22 December 2011

It appears that I have ruffled the feathers of some of the fat dowry takers, wife beaters, wife abusers and wife deserters.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     22 December 2011

Originally posted by :**Victim**
No chandu you never ruffle us matter of fact we like to have you on LCI.


Chandu VS CHACA;)


of trying to make sense of what Lordship Chandu says here……….


On a cold, cold night two bulls are standing in a field.

One says "Boy it's mighty cold out here!"

The other says "Yes, I think I might slip into a nice

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How are you Mr Arun D??:DWe are very happy to see you after sooooo long.Happy new year before you change your real picture.


Oops Again >>>


what can be interpreted about an advocate who give his mobile contact number on his profile name and post ridiculous articles to promote family disputes and filing of cases againt husbands or inlaws specially nri's >

option 1 : he is doing social service

option 2: he is a damn smart ass

option 3: he is doing marketing for his services

option 4: he wants to implement his limited knowledge just everwhere irrespective of merits

option 5 : his goal of life is to split as many families as he can


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OMG ADV. chandgrsekhar has change the perception of 498a alleging that person who goes to abroad for earning, their wife can file 498a on them in lieu of causing mental cruelty.

I was not wrong on my post what I have written for this man. He is simply in search of woman client.


God bless him with more and more unscrupulous clients.



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