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shyam lal   19 August 2021

Notice for gift

A co shareholder of a undivided immovable property gifts his share without any consideration to a third party ,where as the registered WILL mentions that one month notice has to be given to other co shareholders informing intentions of sale to third party.Situation is the share holder does not sell his share but gifts his share to the third party,query, is there anything wrong legally by not notifying and gifting his share.


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     20 August 2021


From the last nine months, you have posted 25 issues and it is not clear as to what is your actual issued.  The first post was as follows and the latest post is completely different from the first post.

" I wish to know can the individual shares be sold/, gifted to a third party"

If a property is gifted where is the question of consideration?  If the gift is to a third party the registration fees may be more.

When the will mention the name of the beneficiary, there can not be any conditions on further transfer by the absolute owner and it can also be argued by donor that he has informed orally to others before such gift.

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shyam lal   20 August 2021

Welcome Mr.Prassad ,thanks for the prompt reply and keeping a track of me,appreciate your wisdom and bulls eye answers to my queries,you would agree as long as ones brain is live and fertile, even when  snoring he visualizes dreams, and when  one is awake he starts questioning and raise queries,I am sure you would agree
It is simple if one has no brains the question of answering does not arise since he is unable to under stand the question.
I have no issues it is just to know how much others know .
Thanks for being my fan,keep following expect more from me as long as the brain is active.

P. Venu (Advocate)     20 August 2021

"I have no issues it is just to know how much others know"!   Admittedly, you have no issues. It only that you are having having fun of this platform and its participants. Still, you expect us to be your fans?


shyam lal   20 August 2021

Hello ,Mr.Veenu its a universal fact when ever any one talks sense ,it is  appreciated.
. I did not ask you  to gauge about having fun and fan following on this platform .
Advice if you do not have the answer to a query,take help from others don't make a mockery of your limited knowledge of law,and English language

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     20 August 2021

@Shyam lal: Please "enough", forgive all those that responded to you as guidance,  without knowing your knowledge in English and law.  The experts are not carrying any luggage from the forum for responding to the needy, and the forum has lost experts, due to comments by some members. Securing 59,326 points and 1242 likes is a very rare thing in this forum. Please do not further drive the remaining few from the forum with insults..  Though you may not require their guidance, a common man like me requires guidance from such experts,   Please do not deprive us of this source. May God bless you for the anticipated favour. 

shyam lal   20 August 2021

Mr.Prasad , being a retired person is a blessing in disguise,it gives one enough time to criticize and clap in appreciation,
Knowledge of  Law and ingredients of English are taken for granted by affixing advocate by some experts.
 To update you ,do please read the comments about a so called Expert. Mr.Venu
It is a pitty,read what  a guest (expert)  had to say, date wise as follows.

01/-Guest (Expert)  24 October 2019
Having Registered Gift Deed in my Favour the simple sentence where the Retd Govt Officer is confused and not able to understand but Criticizes the innocent Querist and obviously makes us understand what sort of Service would have been provided by him while in Service. 
 2/-Guest (Expert)  24 October 2019
Mr P venu Age is Not the Limit and please attend a Good English Course at your place 
3/- Guest (Expert)  24 October 2019
Mr.P.Venu Retired Govt Officer === For you benefit you could contact Short Time English Coaching Center --Cosmo Center-- Near Ayurveda College -- first floor Keerthi Nest, Dharmalayam Road, Thiruvananthapuram-- Kerela 695001 ---- Mobile 9645220486---- 9074407881
.Hope Mr.P.Venu bhai would be benefited please  .
God bless you too Mr.Prasad.kind thoughts are welcome, but a spade has to be called a spade,this is English language.



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