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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     22 January 2012

Norway authorities take away indian couple's kids, say feedi

Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya - an Indian couple from Kolkata are
living a nightmare in Norway. Their children - a three-year-old son
and one-year-old daughter - were taken away from them by Norway's
child protective services and placed in foster care eight months ago.
The drastic measure was taken because, according to the child
protective services, the couple were not bringing the children up
properly. What did they do wrong? They fed the children with their
hands and the infants slept in the same bed as the parents.

Comment by Sri Rajiv Malhotra: Author of Being Different: An Indian
Challenge to Western Universalism

"An Indian couple has their child taken away by authorities in Norway, on the grounds that they eat with their  hands and the boy sleeps with the parents. Both these are common characteristics of "embodied" cultures, but considered uncivilized according to Western Univeralism. In BD I explain the "disembodiment" of western culture, i.e. a form of self alienation they suffer even with the body. It expresses in various unconscious ways including way of eating, not comfortable breast feeding, heightened sense of "privacy" needs, and so forth.Such persons are psychologically disembodied, I argue. Such a culture is synthetic, not integral. The example above is illustrative of Western Universalism being not universal but particular to their region and history."

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 9 Replies

Aishwarya (Teacher)     22 January 2012

what all they can do to get thier kids back.

.plz enlighten

..if anything happens the same way to other people in future..

Self service (None)     22 January 2012

This sounds bad but you have to see this incidence as whole. I am not surprised by Norway govt action.

In all developed countries there are certain rules that each one have to follow. Like Norway, US states also have laws where you cannot live in single bed room apartement. If you have kid ( age does't) matter then you have to take two bed room apartment. This is Federal law in US. And all including immigrants / visitors/ Temporary workers follow same.

Another side if kids are citizen of Norway and it looks like by their age that they both born in Norway. so they are naturally subject of Norway govt. Another thing in general I watched on TV statements of his father, that they got warn more then one time on child issues. and father was giving cultural reasons. I like to mention here Indians or any one living in foriegn country tries to squeez all laws and rights in his favor and when it comes to law and follwoing duties they starts excuse of culture. Simple thing in Rome do as romans do.

Similar cases I have seen in US where child who was US citizen was taken by govt and father of Arab origin was deported becuase of illegal work. So parents should think and spend some time to understand local laws and culture before blindly accepting and later complaining.

If one feel so much challanged in west, please return back do not complaint against western culture no body is inviting you.

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Self service (None)     22 January 2012

Probably only option Indian leaders should use their talent of begging and may get some thing in same way as they got one worker from Dubai or got Abu Salem from Spain.

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     22 January 2012

Agreed with Social service.


CPS is a very powerful organisation. Someone must have complained about the couple. They must have had some enemies.

The "system" thrives when there are cases. The people within the system need to have their case load. 

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**Victim** (job)     07 February 2012

@ Nagendra Reddy,


Brother never allow your feelings ruined by someone so easily. Putting this comments in front of him you just gave him a reason to be happy. No matter eventhough embassy officials apologized you for their actions damage is already being done. They were successfull in harassing you that is all they wanted to do they didn't wanted to do anything else. If you dare to put some angry comments in LCI for this illegal action why don't  guide victims like us and guide us "What sort of actions you took against embassy official ?" Trust me there are limited embassies in united states and if they try to conduct any illegal action in the name of jurisdiciton then all of us can hold court orders against them eventually they will stop harassing all of us. You lost your temper and posted this comments but i am sure he is happy of what so ever he did ?


Hi Victim,

I know that the BAS****S like MAKKAD are being promoted in this forum and I want 2 expose this A** H**** as how he has been a menace to the INDIAN society.

This F****G BAST**D is destroying many marriages. He has already ruined mine by helping my money hungry wife in her evil acts. All evil activities were blown up by this BAS****S ill advices.

Have a read at the replies in his threads and the kind of BULLSHIT advises he is giving especially to WOMENS

I have already got rid of F*****G I***** Authorities no ....SO I GUESS AND MY BELIEF IS THAT I CAN BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THIS BAS***D MAKKAD_------THE BANDAR.






mr. nagendra reddy , your idiotic outbursts against mr. makkad is still continuing?

r u posting same thing everywhere ?

admin please look into this. stop this nonsense.

stanley (Freedom)     15 March 2012

We indians are like scape goats when we are in another country  . What was the indian embassy doing in Norway ?? 

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