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Yoonuse (a)     31 May 2011

Non Bailable Offence - Police not Investigating, properly...




My marriage was fraud / cheating ...

Wife filed false 498a  on Aug 2010, investigation completed , charge sheet submitted to court, we all are on bail.


Currently i have filed a complaint to Court on Section 156(3) of offence : 420,468,379,506(ii),120b,465,471,34 on Wife & family , 

Court re directed complaint to SHO to investigate and submit report.  

My case is guinune & i have submitted copy of my evidance to Investigating officer ... 

I have very solid proof of Opp Party offences.... 

Opposite Party did not came to SHO for last 3 weeks... 

Couple of days back the opposite party came to the police station with the reference of MLA / SP... The SHO did not questioned anything... They repeated the same drama and story of false of 498a in the front of SHO...

Her false 498a is pending in the court, which we plan to quash with solid evidance of fraud/cheat marriage happened.

Currently this SHO & team are influnced by opp. party and SHO discussing about false 498a pending in court ( I have given statments reated to 498a only to police... Investigation closed i came back to my work in abroad...)

SHO & team now not intrested to investigate my true complaint...

They are not intrested to investigate my complaint with evidance i have submitted.

SHO & team finally planned to reject my complaint with the high influnce.... 

So i hope i confirmed that the police will not investigate the case properly... 

Later without my knowledge they have filed false 470 on Oct 2010   which i am not aware still now, 

Am living abroad i didnt received any official summons or letters from police department officially about this 470.

Current Police investigation was the direction form the court as per my complaint :

Dear Good friends please help me in My questions :

Am too much worried about my situation , we are poor and we dont have any political influnce:

1.Will there false complaint 470 which am not aware will impact the investigation on my private complaint in  the court to SHO.

2. What step i have to take when the opposite party are making influence in SHO by using MLA & higher          officials....

3.If the investigation of my complaint is from court direction will SHO try to manuplate.... Will the higher official infulence / MLA canvas will impact my case investigation and action form SHO/ Court...

4.How to approch the Court if the investigation is not proper... If Police reject the complaint...

5.When can i go for "Protect Complaint", can magistrate register the complaint and strat trail based on my solid evidance...

6. What are the other steps i can take and make prepared me in my complaint investigation . 

Thanks a lot in advance ....




 4 Replies

Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     31 May 2011



Your's is a sad story of conspiracy between a crooked family and corrupt police. I have sympathy with you.


See below points which may help you:


- Try filing an RTI in the police deptt. to take proper data as what were the steps taken by police after the directions of the Magistrate. What were the statements recorded? And if they did nothing, as per your words, it woudl amount to "contempt of court".


- If RTI  answer from Police shows that you they have not investigated the case properly, file another application in the court of Magistrate to transfer the case, and let it be investigated by independent agency like Crime Branch. It will give you another chance.


- Also try to contact a local reliable laywer who can do all the required work in India on your behalf.


- And always, keep faith in god and don't loose your mind. Pay attention in your job, and think about future and plan accordingly.


It apathy of our Constitution which award grave punishments for petty offences (Mental Cruelity) but it does not consider the abhorrant acts of the Police as punishable. In my view, when police acts maliciously in connivance with a crook, that policeman should be severly punished so that it sets and example.


Police is for protecting the citizen of India but they act contrary. You take some momey along with you, and they can implicate all of your enemy without any proof at all. And when the court sees that they have done wrong, max. they get transferred or suspended. Thats it! Why not jail? Why??




Yoonuse (a)     31 May 2011

@Saurabh Vashis

If i approch court again with private complaint / protect complaint what will happen, Can magistrate can start trail based on the evidance i submit....

Advocate Rajiv Mishra (advocate)     29 June 2011

you can file a fresh criminal complaint in court concerned.


My Complaint against CAW is going on for taking signs forcibly under coercion from me.

They SHO/CAW replied half answers & missed many answers & mislead the reply & blamed me for false allegations.

My CrPC 91 - MM told that its NOT your right. Chalo reply mangwa lete hain from police.


Later on I will refer the same CRIME BRANCH for my 498a

Please suggest me soon. Even if u find this forum late then also so problem, suggest me as I am NOT ready to leav this fight so early.

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