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V Kumar Singh (consultant)     25 February 2010

No Dowry Certificate

If just after marriage A Certificate states "That Dowry is not taken or exchanged in marriage"  is written on 100 Rs Stamp Paper and signed by Girls Father with Notary is taken by boy.


and if after some time if girl files a flase dowry case, then can it be a proof that dowry is not exchanged. How much that document can help


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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     25 February 2010

Sir, documents play an important role as evidences. But there is also a chance that the girl's parents say that the certificate is got through force. That the boy agreed to get married only if they gave such certificate also, along with dowry.

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     25 February 2010

My wife files Dowry and haressment case and she included my whole family. she lived with me only for 4 months and our marriage is been for 1.6 years till now. She has broken trust and I do not want her back.

I send notice for RCR and she does not seems to back and reconcilation.

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     25 February 2010

it is fine,,, there is proof that no dowry is exchanged and everybody knows whoever attentd the marriage,and certificate is given only after 2 days of marriage,,, how it can be a force certificate.

Then what can  be the use of such kind of certificate.   how they can say that they have written by force and why they marry their doughter only to the guy who was forcing them and pressurizing them???

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     25 February 2010

Sir, now you have sent notice for RCR. The court will order RCR. If she does not return, then after a year you can file a case for divorce. But you have to attend Court for the cases filed by her.

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     25 February 2010

Sir, I told u about the probailities taht may arise in Court. If you are confident and clear, please come out of these allegations and apply for divorce.

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     25 February 2010

Dear Suchitra,,,You are right.... there may be other probabilities also, and all things are preplanned if people goes into cases. so that counter allegations aslo need to be think. tilll now only my lawyere send notice to her,, it is not from the court. I want this to solve mutually(divorce). but she seems misguided by someone or her family

Anil Agrawal (Retired)     25 February 2010

Does everything written on a stamp paper become valid? Does it mean that a WILL written on a plain paper is a scrap of paper? There are no doubt requirements of law. But why are we suffering from this misconception that whatever is done must be done on a stamp paper? Is it the effect of serials and films?

Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     25 February 2010

Mr. Singh such certificate may raise a presumption against you. Not only the court but a lay man also would try to find out the cause,purpose or motive behind the creation of such document.

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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     26 February 2010

I do agree with arvind

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     26 February 2010

Dear Freinds,,

I am also agree that it may arrive suspect, and suspect are always against male or boy not against girl if she wishes to extort money even nothing ios taken from her and her father.


So how someone can prove that he has not taken any kind of dowry, if it is required to prove in future. 

please tell me how it can prove that dowry is not taken and demanded before and after. suffer if for only innocent man in these cases.

Please give valueable reply.


In your post dated 25.02.2010 at 20 hours said that you do not want her come back but you sent a legal notice for RCR.  Why so?  If the court gives a direction to her to go back to matrimonial home and if she would go, would you accept her?  Then who is the violator of law?  Who is playing with law?  Who is abusing the law?  Often women are branded as abusing the dowry act, domestic violence act and Section 498-A.  Cannot it be said about men also, who want divorce but file RCR?

If your attitude is so, can the court believe your so called "stamped statement" showing your innocence?

don't mind.  A mind gets such querries.

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     26 February 2010

I do not wanr her back she broken the trust by filing ht e false case against me and my family,, even she lived for very short time and went with her wishes...If she files false cases then the person like me just be silent and accept the false implications againse me and should go to jail. What shold any one can do....she files a case from 2500 KM of distance.

or I know veery well that she do not like me( becuse of her affairs, ) she clearly told me that she have lot of  boyfriends and they can come for her help any time......So.... even if I will file RCr or anything she will not come back...

If I have not takne anything then should I accept that I have taken everything for  her and her father...  So my basic question is ,, If someone is not taken a single rupee on the name of dowry then hoe he can prove that he has not taken dowry.....

Please give me unbiased suggestions

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     26 February 2010

and I felt that law is made to produce dispute between two peoples,,,, and the persons those plays with law always mnisguide the parties to take money from them on the name of their fees and disputes never get solved......  

form famous story .....

" Monkey always takes benefit if Two CAT fights or one cat never becomes ready to solve dispute"

and all the system made to take advantage from the fight of CATs

V Kumar Singh (consultant)     26 February 2010

and it can be assumed that the girl(CAT) files cases against her husband (CAT), then any husband can beleive on her, girls files cases only to extort money and with the feeling that they will never come back to live with their husbandand laways guided by the other peoples(Monkeys).....

in this case what matter if some files what... purpopse is only to make mentally torture or to take revenge.


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