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Rajesh (UN KNOWN)     29 April 2015

New bride is threatening of dowry case

Dear Friends,

Thanks for your interest on my query.

It was our youngest brother Chhotu who was supposed to get married. We found a good match (Aarti, name changed) in our caste and he got married on 12th-March, 2015. We were very much excited for our brother’s marriage. We were preparing to welcome a new family member but unfortunately, the new bride is not able to adjust herself in our family. Being a new member in the family, instead of spending time to understand each other, immediately after she entered in our house (in a day or two) she started squirrelling with my brother then my mother. She is 25 years of her age, 12th pass. She doesn’t have understanding of values of family. She is completely in her negative mindset.  We tried to understand her problems but seem people (or relative who are not happy with our progress) have poisoned her with negative image about our family. She is notleaving a small room for us to make her to understand importance of a nice & settled family. She is threatening to indulge us in complaint of a dowry case which is completely baseless. She was telling to Rocky’s wife (Payal, name changed) that “she knows an Indian law which will consider groom’s family at fault even bride is lie or putting false allegation”. We are worried as after 1+ month, she is yet to begin her married life. She doesn’t have sense of relationship which required rock solid foundation in the beginning which will create bonding with each other and rest of the life can be really amazing. Everyone in our neighboring knows us very well, especially to my mother and brothers the way they have struggled in past. Its is disturbing my brothers small business and not able to concentrate. Everyone in the family are talking to her very politely, no harsh words but she is not ready to start her life.

We are very much liberal, open minded and always ready to support needful people in the society.

Please help us as as the time passes, situation can be worst for us where as we are not at fault. She is a lier, she can got a step further to hurt herself with sharp object to prove my family is torchering.

Now my brother started hating and not ready to spend night with her. My mother was in big shock and she was ill for 2 weeks. My brother is crying like anything.

I can’t see my brother and family crying. Need your helpful guide on how to COVER our self with the false allegation which she is threatening.


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KarmaHaunts2015 (owner)     29 April 2015

If what you have stated is true then it is emminent that the Girl has got married against her wish. OR family has intentions of harrassing you to extract money. This is becoming common nowadays..


You find more about her family background and her pre marital relationship status. Hire a detective, im sure you will get some clues.


Once you find some solid proof against her/family file for divorce under fraud , within a year of marriage

Rajesh (UN KNOWN)     29 April 2015

As of now I don't think this as possible reason but it seems its more with her negative mindset about our family which she has been poisined (may be our relatives who are not happy with our progress) before coming to our house. She is yet to apply her own thoughts, emotions and understanding. We started recordings of our daily discussions, her discussions as well. Planning to put 2 cameras in the house. But all this looks very weird. People in the house are very much scared of her. Please guide us how we can do our homework well in advance. Shall we contact to local party people (its common in West Bengal) or to put a initial intimation to the police station? TIA. Regards

saravanan s (legal advisor)     29 April 2015

dont put cctv cameras and all.it might be used against you.using mobile phone try to record her and also use call recorder if she issues threats to you.place an nc in the local police station that she might file false case against you.this will help you out when she files case against you in the near future

since its been within a year of marriage you cant file a case of divorce.instead file a case for judicial seperation u/s 12 hma.at the end of a year you can file for contested divorce on grounds of cruelty

Rajesh (UN KNOWN)     02 May 2015

Thank you Mr. Saravanana. Could you please help us to understand the possible issue on installing just a mobitorless CCTV camera? We recorded her father's discussion & clearly he mentioned to her to maintain a copy & note everything which she is doing from DAY 1 of marriage. He also said that I am coming in 10 days & teach them lessons. Definitely father is not taking a constructing approach & provoking her daughter. it's evident that her family only has trained her to not to compromise at any cost & keep on fighting from DAY 1 instead of creating a good base for long term healthy relationship.

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