Neighbours seweage seeping to my kitchen compound


My neighbour has rented out his property adjacent to our house to daily labourers -scores of them-mostly from other states. 

Say in one room between 10- 20 people.

They are causing noise and security concerns as we dont know who is coming and who is going.

Apart from these the land owner has not done proper sewage mechanism and he has made the kitchen and bathroom waste water to lie open inside his property.

This water when it is more is slowly seeping across the compound wall to my house very near to  our kitchen causing us difficulty.

We spoke to landlord and after repeated requests he is not caring anything about it.

What can i do to address this sewage seeping problem?

Secondly i also want to know is there any law restricting the number of tenants allowed in a property


Thanks for any advice


Discuss and sort out matter(s) amicably and avoid confrontation/ legal recourse as far as possible as it is bound to fetch bitterness.

However, you may put social pressure on your neighbour, the landlord.


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Issue legal notice and file civil suit against them.dont hesitate to go to civil court.

It appears that your real concern is that daily labourers from other State are residing in your neighbourhood. Please understand that they are also Indian citizens.


We dont have any problem with the other state people staying calmly there.But they are occasionally creating loud noises and drunking, throwing all the waste to my compound  even after repeated complaints, women cannot feel safe as men are always staring.

Somehow we can cope up with all that, but this sweage problem is real menance, these pepole doesnt have proper bathroom etiquettes, and their urinals + kitchen +bathing water is allowed to lie open in his property againt our compound wall. After this water raises to some level, it starts to sweep to our compound, which is lower ground ,as gravity works we can have their urinals leaking at our kitchen doorstep for free. Thats unbearable. What to do?

I understand legal course is difficult ,and i dont have much option to put social pressure to land lord as he dont care.

He is not ready for any talks , it seems he wants us to give up our land.

Can anybody give me detailed steps i can take and its pros and cons.

Do i need to send him letters stating our concern prior to commencing any legal procedure.

Is there any environmental/health law i can cite.

Thanks for any help,




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