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amit kumar (hr executive )     09 June 2011

Need to teach a wife a leasson for life

Hi All,

I want to teach my wife a leasson on her cruelty grounds for which she has roune my as well as my family life. Can my wife seek for a divorce if I dont agree for a divorce and though she is not staying with me from couple of months. Since I dont want to give her a divorce and will make her suffer her life too. So if she dosent stay with me can she opt for a divorce which I am not willing to give her and I want her back in my life.
If no Whats the time duration after which she is not staying with me can opt for a divorce. Is there a way I can get her back by law and from now we can stay seperately without any intervention from her familly members and I can also sacrifice my family for the same inoder to teach her a leasson outside.


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gaury..fight to win (Education)     09 June 2011


You can file Restitution of conjugal rights to bring her back.But through this you can't force her to bring her back.

If RCR doesn't work then after completion of 1 yr  then either of you can file divorce.But during divorce procedure you both will be sent for mediation by the court.

There you can lay above conditions to stay separately.

**Victim** (job)     09 June 2011

@ AMIT as advised by gaury go for RCR but it is true that she can't be forced to live with you is also true tht she can't remarry until you divorce her and when she files for divorce petition you can contest it by saying "NO" if you are willing to keep her then she cannot seek divorce what will happen is that in order to ruin you life her lawyer will advice her to file Crpc 125 and DV case against best advise is jst let her go......if she already filed those cases (crpc 125, 498 a, DV) against you then i believe you have already gone through it is not going to be easy for her to opt out easily until both of you decide to go for mutual divorce......if you are right then start with RCR and i am pretty sure after giving u hard time she will say "NO" to live with short this is NEVER ENDING ........i m not an expert or lawyer :)



Why not let her go. In thought of ruining her life aren't you ruining yours as well ?? I think it would be better to spend life with a new romantic partner rather than with learned advocates and judges. Isnt it ?

gaury..fight to win (Education)     09 June 2011

i think Never give up has given you proper advice to give up your wife.

Life comes once only.So why waste it for her who never liked you??Let her go and leave in peace.Cut her away from your life like a tumer.

syed (Branch incharge)     09 June 2011

Dear Amit,

Divorcing her itself is a lesson to her, possible she woulnt get a life partner like you once again

amit kumar (hr executive )     09 June 2011

Thanks all for your expert comments. The issue is not about that i cant give her a divorce or I am not willing too. Its just I want to teach such kind of girls who actually ruin the life of males and dosent understand the meaning of marriage and treat marriage as a joke. It has actually put in a spot in my carrer which will now be termed as divorce though i never wanted such thing to happen in my life. Hence I have decided to teach such kind of women a leasson so that she cannot spoil anyother life after remarring and should understand the meaning of pain she has given to me as well as my family.

Please seek advice if I can deny for giving divorce even after an year if she files for the same and though I am not willing to give so.....Thanks

Bhaskar for SOCIAL JUSTICE (Legal & Social Activist)     09 June 2011

I she has implicated in false case then best ioption is to implicate herself and her nears and dears in cases like Narcotics,accident,porstituion etc.

K S Narayana Rao (District Registrar)     10 June 2011

My dear Amith, You are loving her hence be together.  Both are requested to take councilling in family matters

AAAAARRRRK (Others)     10 June 2011

Dear Amit, I do realise and can feel your pain. I know lot of people will advise you to reconcile and stuff like that. But surely I can feel the deep pain of your heart and the resultant effect on you family and your job.

Friend - Please go ahead with the path you have chosen and am sure there are many more who are facing the same situation and will come forward to enlighten the Legal fraternity regarding the undue advantage to ladies.

Best wishes and God bless.

danish (Manager)     11 June 2011

Amit u r right, dont even think of divorcing her u too riun her life let her hairs turns grey she will be rotten soon and will realise her mistakes. Againif u plan for  divorcing her now , there would be a risk crpc 125.

stylistperson (Director)     11 June 2011

Hi, The Legal System, Lawyers, Police etc are part of the corrupted system. No one wish to seriouly work harder to change provisions of 498a. It's money making machine for them. If you can, keep continue with the case and try to extend time. The woman has to be serious for her baby prodoctivity issues at the age of 30 so if you can extend time and do not give her divorce either then her life will be spoil ever. However, you need to spoil your life at the same time too. I don't think so any other legal ways around. If you are alone and don't have to look after anyone then you can make her family's every members life worst by playing with law and do false cases. Same as your wife misused 498a, you can misuse some laws.

Rohit Shukla (Engineer)     11 June 2011

Dear Amit, I can understand the pain of a working executive who in their distant dream have never imagined that one day a girl who is headed to help and assist her husband actually plays havoc with his and his family's life. Life will come back to normal after few years but the scars would never heal. My personal opinion would be to take a stay on your divorce case for an year and more. Go out, rebuild your carreer, make a purposeful life and enjoy it with no regrets. Let her get entangled in her own misdeeds..... trust me girls are worst when it comes to patience. All she wants now is to break free from you and start a new life with someone whom she may find more appropriate now. Worst, woman gets older much faster than Men, so let her now carry the legacy of her own misdeeds going forward. This would also set some precedent in her immediate society and would save some good families and hard working guys from this menace. This is purely my personal views with no binding and is not intended to hurt anyone's sentiments and views. Good Luck!

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Rahul T (Engineer)     12 June 2011

Dear Amit,

         I am a victim like you. I am waiting for 2 years to complete since my wife left my house. I am going to fine 4 cases against her. 1> Adultery 2> Desertion 3> Cheating me & my family 4> A case for spoiling my social respect & make her life hell.


My Dear fried you are at right path. Don’t listen others. No one can feel the pain of your heart ease he/she is a victim. It is very easy to say “FORGET” But that much heard to “FORGET”. I know what I am feeling day & night.


TEACH HER SUCH HEARD LESSION, SO that, by seeing her condition other girls think 1000 times before spoiling others life. Plz let me know if I can help you in any way…..My moral support is there with you always…..My god Bless you….Keep it up…..



stylistperson (Director)     12 June 2011

Hey Amit n Rahul,

There is no short cut to send your wife to hell. The only thing is your patience & progress can spoil her. Rohit shukla is right.


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