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Saurav (Engineer)     17 April 2015

Need separation from parents

I am a 31 year old male. I have been for 31 years Physically, mentally, emotionally, Verbally abused by my parents and especially my father. Have been lied, manipulated, deceived, and basically they hate me at their core.


I have been living away from them from the past 8 months. However my Father has told me that he sends people and agents to my home inorder to break-in into my home and keep Antipsychotic injections at my place.


Once or twice when I visited them they have injected me with these Injections while i was asleep.


My first marriage has ended and my parents played a huge role in this ending even though I was at fault in certain areas.


I need to know


a. Are there any laws where the Son can Separate from Father ?


b. If NOT, Are there any precations I can understake to ensure my safety from them (Like preventing them from sending agents to my home)?.




PS: I dont need any property or money from Father during the separation.


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Devaraj Krishna (Legal Practitioner)     17 April 2015

Son’s and daughter’s right in father’s property

Sons and daughters have several rights as a coparcener. For instance, they get a right in ancestral property by birth; right to survivorship: if one coparcener dies the property gets divided among the rest. They are in joint possession and ownership of property and if they want partition, they can claim so by filing a partition suit.

Coparcener can also acquire a separate property and at the same time has right to alienate the property to any stranger his share in ancestral property and self-acquired property. Father can also gift property to his son and it won’t be treated as ancestral property which the son can then alienate to anyone he wants.

Can a father gift a property to his son?

In C. N. Arunachala Mudaliar vs C. A. Muruganatha Mudaliar the Supreme Court held that property gifted by a father to his son could not become ancestral property in the hands of the son simply by reason of the fact that he got it from his father. The court observed that the property of the grandfather can normally vest in the father as ancestral property.

The father gets ancestral property under two conditions i.e. inherits such property on the death of the grandfather or receives it by partition made by the grandfather himself during his lifetime. However, when the father obtains the grandfather’s property by way of gift, it is not considered an ancestral property.

Sons and daughters don’t have any claim on property gifted by grandfather

A gift from father to his son is not part of ancestral property as the son does not inherit the property on the death of the grandfather or receive it by partition made by the grandfather during his lifetime. The grandson has no legal right on such property because his grandfather chose to bestow a favour on his father which he could have bestowed on any other person as well.

Thus, the interest which he takes in such property must depend upon the will of the grantor and therefore, when the son has got the property from his father as a gift, his sons or daughter cannot claim part in it calling it ancestral property. He can alienate the gifted property to anyone he likes and in any way he likes. Such a property is treated as self-acquired property, provided there is no expressed intention in the deed of the gift by the grandfather while gifting the property to his son.

Sons and daughters have property rights only on the properties that have devolved upon their father and become ancestral property in the father’s hands.

Saurav (Engineer)     17 April 2015

I dont need any money or property during the Process of separation nor will I ask them anything.


What the hell will i do with the money and property if I dont even have peace of mind.


I just need the Legal separation due to the reasons mentioned above.

Kappil Cchandna (Expert Bail & Criminal Defence Lawyer at Delhi Supreme Court of India)     18 April 2015

Sir, Public notice in a newspaper can be given and that will work .... Also file a police complaint that your father and mother are interfering in your life and all ... Warm Regards Kapil Chandna Adv 9899011450

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