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Raja_498a Victim (Manager)     27 March 2014

Need inputs


Today first trial happened in 498a.

Bi*ch came and f**king judge called me asked me to pay 1,500/- as travel expenses to her.

I didn't understand the logic behind.

I asked the same question to Judge with my lawyer.

I told that she is earning 40,000 per month. How can he order to pay like this.

Judge didn't listen to me and saying that it is his order to pay.

He told, it doesn't matter even if she earns 4 crore or above.

I told that if it is fault from my end, I will pay 10,000 also and asked on what basis he asked me to pay.

Judge got BP and shouting at me and my lawyer and he told that he will cancel my bail, if I talk any more.
My lawyer and I came out after paying 1,500 Rs/- to Bi**h.

My questions are.

1) How can he order 1,500 in 498a case as it is not DVC. DVC is running in another court and based on merits IM is rejected. 

2) How can Judge misuse his power, even without looking at merits?

3) She herself filed false 498a and without looking at merits how can he asked me to pay? that too in 498a case.

My lawyer is telling Judge is f**king guy and he is biased and he in general ask to pay like this only, especially if guy is from IT.

Please provide some inputs.

Good news is that F**king Judge got transfer orders and he is moving out next week.


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Varun Singh (GM)     27 March 2014

You yourself has got solution in the end ..... judge is transferred ! He will now go to some other court taado other abla naris and give judgement in their favor.. ! 

Raja_498a Victim (Manager)     27 March 2014

Question is how can Judge do these things and purpose of asking inputs is what if I end the same situation with next judge?

It is not DVC. It is 498a,


In 498a, do I need to pay travel expenses, even if she earns 40,000?



Reformist !!! (Other)     27 March 2014

Please check raja, whether he has written this 1500 amount in daily orders or not. If yes, challenge this in Sessions court and drag the judge over there. If no, then how will you prove it now that you paid 1500 rs ??? Also, have you got any receiving of 1500 ??

Kanchumati Subbarao (Consulting)     27 March 2014

How come that asshole do such thangs. we need to murder such basterd judge..

great india (manager)     28 March 2014

1. The next time that a*# hole irders in the court treasury. 2. If he treatens to cancell bold and remind him to challenge in higher court. 3. Ask him by which law he orders a maintenance. 4. Remind him shouting is not good for health......when he has a b.p. 5. Ask for receipt claiming income tax deduction or pay by cheque. 6. Ask him to cancell bail only after citing reasons. 7. I think he did that to threten u , in next meeting he would call you both in chamber and press for heafty compensation as settlement amount and mcd 8. Be stubborn... 9. Keep arguing and daring to challenge in higher court

Raja_498a Victim (Manager)     28 March 2014



My question is in 498a, do I need to pay money to witness and spouse?

Reformist !!! (Other)     28 March 2014

No way, no need to pay any single penny to witness and spouse.....

Raja_498a Victim (Manager)     28 March 2014

Just would like know if any law rule says, accused in 498a needs to give money to spouse and witness when they come.

Reformist !!! (Other)     28 March 2014

there is no such rule or law


This is the height of discrimination.  I guess that judge was either tharki or belong from tha family of 498a. So, far there is no law which says that pay expenses in 498a or I will cancel your Bail. It is not a maintenance case or dv case where he will order for any interim relief to woman without considering the fact.


If you are a brave heart man then take that order copy attach with your writ petition and file u/s 226 before high court, seeking the relief under constitutional law. He can't do like this. But the thing is that its mere issue of 1500/- but if you want to do something courageous then go ahead ask high court that why he had discriminated you.?

Raja_498a Victim (Manager)     28 March 2014


Judge is threatening me to cancel bail if I don't pay..He ates man and favours women.

He is not looking at merits either. Also intentionally delaying 498a trial for all men.

It is only Oral order. Fu**ing Judge is women biased and he wants to give money as travel expenses.

My question is, any such law or rule in 498a to give travel expenses to spouse and witness whenever they come for trail? As many told no, but want to double check.

Next time, if new Judge asks me to pay 1500/- as travel expenses, what needs to be done?

great india (manager)     28 March 2014

You know it well its already explained. 1. Ask for explaination be bold. 2. Involve media and you put pressure now. 3.let him delay trial......whats the hurry.....498 is legal terrorism akka extortion. 4. You denial any allowance and say that you been suspended frim job pending trial orally by ur br manager. 5.mention willingness to fight and dnt fear the judge wnt eat u all trials are appealable. 6. Face the judge boldly. 7.involve media and make him feel you're not roadside tom d**k or are citizen of india with all fundamental rights. 8. Just don't pay next time.

Raja_498a Victim (Manager)     29 March 2014

Thanks all for your inputs.

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