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NeedHelp (I)     13 October 2013

Need help, wife having extra marital affair(marraige less th

Need your help. My marriage(less than 6 months in marriage) is on the verge of breaking because of my wife’s extra marital affairs. I have query on this law.

1. If property is on the name of me & my parents, still i have to share 50%.
2. If property is on the name of only my parents, still i have to share 50%.
3. If I transfer property to my sister which is in my name then i don’t think i have to share any thing right?

One more thing i forgot to mention if wife is at fault still she gets share? I have proof to prove my case.


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great india (manager)     13 October 2013

Detective would help. Licenced ones with strict n strong proof. By the way you divert ur mind into other things n stay away if its bothering too much. Life is not to be wasted behind such females who don't improve. When you can't change the behaviour of a female......,.... Change the female...... It helps... Gd luck... Adultery in india is difficult proving. The male is punished and females still escape. Don't burn your blood for that.

gautam (not disclosed)     14 October 2013

if you manage to prove adultery, then she won't get maintenance or alimony.

no matter you are able to prove or not, it is better to take precautionary stuff so as to reduce alimony, but sincerely advise to go for proving adultery.


Dear Querist,


 There is No law right Now which says any property of husband to be shared by wife after divorce.In IrBM also there are certain conditions to get these properties indeed. I advise you to go and read the marriage ammendment bill 2013 twice as your all doubts will be cleared. However Your adulterous wife can't get maintenance and alimony if it is prooved. Better make a strategie as how to trap your wife on prima facie. Once you prooved that she had link up with that man without any reasonable ground and that had caused you an extreme mental torture and deprived your happiness then you are very much eligible to make her dance on your terms and conditions in the rush court. So,don't worry,Collect maximum proof you can and file for divorce on the ground of mental cruelity alleging the realationship with other man if you gathered the proof. If adultery not also proved but then also you can drag her as having relationship with that man without any reasonable ground which caused mental cruelity and loss of conjugal life if you produce any clue or link ups. For more details -- Visit my thread on List of Divorce judgements on mental cruelities done by wife.



T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     14 October 2013

Adultery or extra marital affairs by wife, can be a ground for seeking divorce, and if the period is within one year from the date of marriage, you can for annulment of marriage on the basis of suppression of facts namely her affairs.  If the marriage has been annulled as Null and void, question of maintenance amount or alimony does not arise.

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Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     14 October 2013

Wait for another six months , utilize that period for collecting evidences of her illicit relationship to be used at the time of evidence in the court , then file the divorce on the basis of cruelty (as she has extra marital relation ) upon you .

NeedHelp (I)     14 October 2013

what kind of proof help to prove this? I have a piece of chat with his boyfriend.

sylvia   12 August 2018

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