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Baha (student)     09 May 2012

Need help to getting divorce with indian wife

Dear all, I m in UK as student visa and I got indian passport....I married before 1 and half year in india (Gujarat).. After marriage, I come back to UK then again within 3 months I went to india and stayed there for 5 months with my wife and family. During this time, I found that me and my wife dont have any understanding each other and I fed up from my marriage. I wanted to get divorce that time but i didnt because my parent s forced me.....me and my wife fought all most every day for small to big things....I come back uk after 5 months and stay in uk for few more months then went back to india for 1 and half months again. Now currently I m in UK since last december... I m tired from my marriage life and my wife behaviour, also now my parents are agree for my divorce.....my parents talked with her parents....result is First they said that " we will not give divorce" then after I told them that if you dont give divorce then I will marry with other girl in UK (I just made story)..... Now they r ready for divorce but they are asking for 25 lakhs india rupees.... I m not going to give money to them,.....they just told us that we will ruin your life, so i m afraid that may be they file some wrong case in court like dawry etc...because ...in india, always girl get good response from laws

what should I do to get divorce?

if they go to file case then do I need to give present in court in india and how many times I need to give present in court? If i dont appear in court then what will happen?

I m student in UK, so if i come to india then "How much possibilities to come back UK again? , is it possible that they stop me to come back (through court)?

Please help me.........


Thanx for everyone.....i really need urgently help please help me




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Vishwa (translator)     09 May 2012

From reading your story I feel that 25 lakhs is a very reasonable amount, may be you can negotiate and bring it down or obtain other concessions. On the other hand, your in laws can be a serious pain and block your career completely. Yes, if you come to India, your passport may get attached and you may not be able to leave again. If you go to courts your loss taking into account all other factors will be far more even though you may not have to shell out lump-sum cash. On the other hand you have your life ahead of you, if cut your losses and run, may be you will get to enjoy a cool life.

Best of luck



You are well off so the other side is demanding so much money.

What you are doing now in UK, any earning or Job.


The better way will be wait and let the other side move first.


Legal cases have solutions also and only thereafter you can have settlement on realistic terms.

Baha (student)     09 May 2012

hi ..thanx for reply guys....


she is BEng computer engineering, i think she is doing job right now...i dont know how much she is earning....I am PhD student in UK...and just doing part time job.....


"Viswa" How do you think that 25 lakhs is resonable amount??? I don't have that much money......

Why indian law always supports girls??? this is bullsh*t........

Vishwa (translator)     10 May 2012

Dear Baha,

Thank you for your question. I based my remark on the perception that there is a relation between the dowry market and the divorce alimony negotiation. To my knowledge, IAS officers get the highest dowry. Next come the professionals with foreign qualifications. Engineers are losing their value, there are so many institutes churning them out. Any government employee in general commands a good dowry.

Let us make no mistake, dowry in some form is paid in almost all marriages, in principle there is nothing wrong if the matter goes through amicably because all over the world it is customary to offer gifts to a newly married couple. Then the lavishness of the wedding is also to be considered.

On the other hand, a person living in the UK, working even in a moderate job is entitled to have high expectations because the wife will be automatically entitled to UK benefits and enjoy a good life. I think you can find a prospective father in law willing to spend at least half a crore considering you are a Phd and will probably have a good job all you life - unless of course you get messed up in dowry cases.

And to this, you had the factor that mental peace is worth a lot. Money comes and goes but time past never returns.

You should really feel flattered that your in laws are asking for so much money. It shows what a great guy you are and how much they are going to miss  you.

Bon courage


surajkumar (mba)     19 May 2012

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manjus (not working)     25 November 2014

Dear Sir,
I need help from your side, Please inform Men does not have any rights / law in India. Only Woman will get the rights / laws in all matters.
I married to a girl on Dec 2012. From the date of marriage, their family members are speaking something else. Later during 1st day in the night she was telling we have to settle in our life and she has told that one of the boy friend has told to marry me. I questioned her how do that boy knows me and my character. She started fighting with me during the night and I was really upset and we did not have any physical relation.
Later after 2nd day, I have to come my home with her along with my parents, during that time my aged father  (78 years) told you have done every thing in urgent, so we can put the mangalasutra in a good time no need of urgency, so that her father started crawling and told i will remove the mangalsutra and every one get of my house you slummers etc., Later we bowed our head and brought her to my house.
Again she starter crawling and hearing to their family member and each and every night we were having problem. My mother (58 yers) is a patient and I did not inform any thing to any body. I though I can correct in all the ways by putting my best efforts. 
In 6 months, the boy was messaging her in different ways and she was deleting the messages while returning from the office. Once i asked her so many calls have recieved but she refuses. One day I took her mobile to call to my friend during that time some message was opened informing from that boy, if your husband is not doing, please come and sleep with me, we will meet some where else and i asked her and she told by mistake it has come to me. From the day 1 i was really upset and i think it was a preplanned marriage. I did not have physical relationship and i told her that first we will settle and later we have baby after 1 year. But she refused and every day we were have a big fight during night time only.
I have informed to my elder brother and he told to take some proof. Later at the last out of my control I have informed my parents to call her parents and explained the same, they told we grew her in Western culture and you can adjust. But later they took her to their home. After 2-3 months they have informed to one of our elder house for counselling, we went their and informed the same, Every one will make mistake in life and agreed and brought her back to my home. See was ok for again 2 months and started blackmailing to have a child. Because every one are asking, Again she started to call him. During the night when i sleep she used to message him during mid night. Later when i asked her she took a sleeping pill and she was unconusious my aged parents was nervous.
Immediately we called their parents but they refused and she called up to her brother and he was telling vugular. Later we took her to my elder home who joined us. From their, her parents took her to their home informing if you donot want your husband.
Next day her self and her mother came to my home and took every thing like clothes, passport, bank book etc., nothing is pending only one cot and cupboard with empty is remaining.
After 1 1/2 year now they have send 3rd party for discussing and he informed that to give some maintenance and some money to run the life of the girl. They are asking Rs. 25 lakhs, after giving the money we will go for mutual divorce.
My elder persons told we donot have any money and We can give Rs. 5 lakhs as a good will gesture, but they are refusing and telling we know what to do.
NOW THEIR PARENTS & RELATIVES ARE BLACKMAILING US TO GIVE RS. 2500000 OR else they are informing they know what to do to me. I am ready to face but I dnot want my parents to suffer.
Please inform how to proceed further. I am ready to face but i donot want my elderly parents to suffer.
Please help me in this regards.

SuperHero (Manager)     25 November 2014

@manjus - Please open a New Thread.....Many of them have faced and are facing similar situation, There are several posts in this forum who are in the same boat.

And Experts have replied and gave valuable suggestions please go through them..You will find answers to all your questions.

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