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Need divorce from husband

Page no : 2

Snow (officer)     17 July 2011

is there a law which says that husband taking wifes full salary is an offence and denying her that money

Adv. Chandrasekhar (Advocate)     17 July 2011

Yes.  It is economic abuse.  You can get protection from this type of abuse from Domestic Violence Act.  In respect of all other problems you described, you have got remedies in Indian Laws.  Engage a good, honest and sensitive advocate and you will get the relief you want.

Warm regards,

Ms Liberal (others)     17 July 2011

Dear snow, if you consentfully giving the salary to your husband who is investing in your name or may opened the joint A/C for domestic expenses then its verwise to levy charges on him which appaers from your submissions. If it sis genuinity there without any wrong intention and you have resisted him then you should only proceed

The cost of living is expensiev. I advise you to ask(gently) with all the saving and invstment they have made


You are also eraning and your husband is making all expenses ie electricity, food, luxuries and other house hold amenities then your exclusive right may not be 100% accurate. As you have said your mothein law income is very less than yours then also see the problems from their side

May be your husbahd is planning for long term investments ie childre house etc I think you shoul proceed only when you yourjudge that its has no valid reasons ,. Think Logically you get the answer

As it very easy to initiate the fight but reconcilitaion is very difficult and you are standing at the edge of the road which may be very decivie for the rest of life becaue one gentle mistake can spoil your rest of life

Mohan R (self employed)     18 July 2011

Sad Snow. Yours is really a sad story. No point in continuing with a male like him.

You should as desired separate.

Snow (officer)     18 July 2011

madam my husband has not opened any account in my name nor has he opened any joint account in our name. In the moth of mar he opened a savings account and starteed a rd in his name for rs 6k everymonth, saying that he wants to tak ehis parents to dubai in the next vaccation, 

Then in the month of may he tuk an insurance policy- i donot know which policy , i jus know he tuk a policy from lic and had to pay 9k per quater , apart from that he opened another rd for rs 8k in the same month, 

i was happy that some gud amount is going for saving,  madam jus calculate, he wors in call center so he gets night shift allowances n all n sum how his salary cum to 25-26k, i use to give him 19 k month, so lets take the min 25+19= 44k per month , i n which the amount to saving s is 6+8+3= 17 k  n then 10 k to his mum , , the rest of the money which was left is17k, n he use to spend that completly , n i had to beg him for money for 100s n 500s. i neva used him even 50p at the time i was holding my entire salry, wut he use to do , where he use to give,

my question is when ma mother in law is earnign 50k, but showing now that she is sumtimes getting 3k sumtimes 17 k i don und the logic behind that,  my husband is getting , so much y are they keeping me devoid of the money which i earn, atleast give me sum fixed amount as monthly expenses, my husband is also not taking care of any other domestic expense , as u mentioned ie electricity, food, luxuries and other house hold amenities, all luxuries were given to ma husban at the time of marriage, car, al home appliaces, furnitures, everythign, 

Snow (officer)     18 July 2011


Even when we had a counselling with his relatives, he is still saying i need to give my entire salary take care of his mum  dad, n do all household chores cuz she is a girl, when they are havign an income neraling 90 k per month cant they afford to appoint a maid or a cook , instead of blaming n making me work as a slave,  we have no finanacial liabilities also, then wut is thr problem, if he really loved me , he shud have told me i don love ur money i love u, come lets start a new life, or lets go n live separately, but he neva told those words, . They want all the dowry also , my salary also, i must serve his  mum, dad n him, even after serving them i al described as uncultured, lazy n not doing any work at home, then whats the point, Itna sab karkar bhi they like she doesnt do anything, then its better a that i realy dont do anything, atleast i will i neva did anythign so wut thety are telling is the truth, 

they want a maid who pays them , I am tired, its not worth wasting my life for a person who values my salary than me....

Ms Liberal (others)     19 July 2011

Dear Snow,

If all above is true from your side then I have to say its is very sadistic situation and any reasonable person may get traumatised if some one really don't crae for yourself

I sya if you are 100% correct then it may be time for taking alternative remedy,,,,But before proceeding further its is alsom necessary to hear the grievances from their side too. Now question arises why they are doing so?..There must be some factors which compel to take decisions

My personal view is that if any woman had tied up in arranged marraige then the in-laws may expect that her daughter-in-law/wife must have not been modern views(but not purely conservative) attitude to follow the directions of the elders

For this, I prefer to say there must be some hidder"pathology" there responsible for this kind of attitude.

I more thing I will like to ask what assurance your parents have given to them in terms of domestic chores and other house hold tasks?. There is definately a sadistic attitude towards yourside

I also prefer to say women who are being tied inarranged marraisge men expect that they should maintain an equilibrium balance with their working life and doetci chores

You also needs to be reasonable tolerant to them and try to win their confidence

If you think you are not even competent to do so you can 5take the help of NGOS as your problem more relates to family adjustment problem rather than domestic violence

People may instigate you to do wrong and its your choice whether you wanna to lit the lamp or burn your matri home

All the best


@ Ms Liberal I don't know what happens to you. You appaers to be some what frustrated? Don't you?. You cannot even give advise to others.

Are you married?.....


hhhmmm...@Anonymous  pls. maintain silence Liberal is giving advise to Snow let her complete and if u had any answer related to the quiery of snow u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...do the needfull we r here for solutions for our setbacks to setup  our life...ok....!!  

Self service (None)     20 July 2011

Do you get salary in cash? How husband takes all of your salary? If you are getting in Bank A/C open another one and transfer savings to another account via internet banking or ATM. Do all transactions by cheque.

Ms Liberal (others)     20 July 2011

The point has logic as salary is now being paid by cheque or transferred to saving A/C. wHETHER HE HAS OPEN JOINT A/C or has taken the custody of ATM or cheque book/passbook??

Sandeep Aggarwal (Advocate)     20 July 2011

all are GREEDY

Snow (officer)     21 July 2011

He threatens me that he would leave me if i don giv my salary, so evry month i have to withdraw n giv ma salary to him. I use to do this thinking about ma parents , also that may be if i giv ma salary he wud change , but all ma efforts in vain, if i use to delay in with drawing he use to threatenme saying that he would leave me, i use ot be silent, n then when he bet me i broke my shell n came out, cuz  till now i was convincing myself that he wud change , i cant spoil ma own life, but now when i realised there is no point in sufferiing , doing your level best to please him in all means, but later being told that i am uncultured, i am bad, ... i don think so now that its worth wasting my life for a person who doesnt evn treat me as a human being, 

I don want his money , nuthing no maintence nuthing ,,, but i cant live with that person, i jus wana split... Evn during counselling he topic of discussion was ma salary to be given to him, he values 20 k more than me ,,,,, I am still ready to go out n live separatly at our expenses... I don want ma parents legacy or money also, nor his parents money or legacy, I wanted to build a house out of our money, our hardwork, our sweat n blood not anything which is transferrred to us, But this man my god, he will be ready for a second marriage also if that girl is earnign 50k....



















I don want

Kirti (ABC)     21 July 2011

Dear Snow, I can well understand your situation, if you have really decided than do not go for any kind of legal fight because you are very young recently married lady and if go for any legal battle it will surely take some of your golden years and will get nothing, talk to your husband in well mannered, go to the marriage counseller and if it will not help than go for mutual consent divorce, reason that you have stated does not contitute any ground of divorce.

Ms Liberal (others)     21 July 2011

I think the best option is to make the things clear on table. Don't attack surprisingly

If he change with little anticipatory fear he may change it Please don't threatened them

It just like putting the salt on the curry as small quantity bring the taste which can be replinshed if there is inadequate quantity but Large quantity spoils your curry

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