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Chetan Singh (SE)     10 February 2012

Need advice 498a , witness completed

Hi All,

My wife have now given her statement against me infront of judge like I have beaten her, asked her 15 lakhs for dowery.
balckmailed her for asking dowery so 498a, 323 charges on me.

Judge asked me is there any chances to again live you both together? I asked no on that time since she has given false case and statements.

But Now I am fearing of jail in case of judgement against me, if she wins.
Please advice If I start fighting the case and can i surrender my self at the time of judgement that I am ready to live with her in case of failure to prove my self innocent?

tillHow much time, I can be say to judge that please dont send me jail I am reday to live with that lady.


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Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     10 February 2012

Generally courts adopt libral view in matrimonial disputes. If you are ready honestly to live your wife, express your will before court. It is unjust to impose such a condition on life that, if you win you will behave in such manner and if you don' t you will ask pardon. Legally You can apply for plea of bargain incorporated in Cr.P.C.

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Advocate/Legal Consultant (rpchughadvocatesupremecourt@hotmail.com))     10 February 2012


Don't adopt this escapist attitude, 99 % of the people who have fought 498a cases have won, and come out with dignity. To get you convicted u/s 498A they'd have to prove each and every allegation. 15 lakhs demand etc. If your case is fought property you'd get out of it

see https://www.mencell.weebly.com


Dear Sir,

Kindly feel free to speak to me on (0) 9842197857 to get proper legal advice in your case.


Advocate & Legal Consultant,




I totally agree with Bharat Chugh advise.

Why you surrender as the judgment is pending?Court doesn't  give their judgment on mere an allegation ,she has to prove all these allegation.

**Vikram** (Managing Partner)     10 February 2012

@Fight to win,


I wonder why is your mouth open...are you waiting for someone to put someting inside....


You never know...people are so frustrated...they will not think...before putting anyting in your open mouth..and they will think as if you desperately want something to be put inside your mouth...that is why your mouth is perpetually open..all round the clock...waiting..waiting..waiting..."god knows when it will come"...


So be very alert and watchful

Chetan Singh (SE)     10 February 2012

Thanks to all.

Next date her mother will come to give false witness becuse IO incharge has given her mother name as well.
Her mother had never ever visited to my homebut for witness she will come.

We did arya samaj marriage with no demands but she was rude and money greedy.I will fight with all honesty with the grace of god.

But In case till the last date of judgement, Is there any possibilty to save my self infront of judge , if he declare judgement against me? I cant be arrested again because if so , i will loss my currier and job.I am B.tech doing job in hidden manner.

Chetan Singh (SE)     10 February 2012

My main concern is that , In case at last day will judge give me choice either accept her or go to jail?If I fail to prove myself innocent?

DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     10 February 2012

You are a man and so much afraid now. Face the situation you can come out easily.


Yudhaswa Jetasi Rane Sapatnan- Gita 11 (34)
Law was against ( Dron) , ethics were against ( Bhism),
Fair tactics were also against ( Karna, jaydrath ) PANDAWAS
Still they won because they fought the war without guilt, without fear .

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Rohit Sharma (Software Engineer)     10 February 2012

Thanks friend for your support. 

**Vikram** (Managing Partner)     10 February 2012

They may say whatever they have to ....its their will...but you can coss them...sit with your lawyer and prepare very good list of cross questions...


Cross her and her mother in such a way that they crumble in the court..they start speaking lies or they keep quiet or contradict themselves...


Your power now lies in cross questioning....



Just fight out..



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Chaitanya_Lawyer_Mumbai (Lawyer)     10 February 2012

Most of the cases end in trial court itself.

Even if the judgement is given in trial court against you ,you can appeal to sessions court,then High Court, then supreme court,then revision petition,then curative petition.

Never Give Up (Fighter)     10 February 2012

There are only two choices ,


  1. Complete fight back
  2. Complete surrender

There is no middle way.

cm jain sir (ccc)     10 February 2012

Why u want to surrender!

Dont afraid of false allegations. You important point had reached now for cross questioning her and all the witnesses. They will piss there itself, dont worry.

Even i would suggest you to put two senior lawyer during cross.

Have u filed TEP for alleged dowery given?

**Vikram** (Managing Partner)     10 February 2012

If the allegations are false it is better for you..let her and her bl**dy mother lie as much as possible...I can bet a million bucks that you will come out clean...


Just give your best fight...prepare your cross questioning...help your lawyers..with as many inputs as possible...in every possible way..


Give your best..

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