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Unknownfield (other)     01 September 2012

My wife is stay put in mothers place

I got married in the may 2012 in her place and after marriage we came my home in bangalore, After two days we left to honey moon, After we got down from flight ,She started complining abt u dint get me food  properly..acutually I got her some sandwiches in flight.Owr flight got delayed and by the time we reache shimla it was 10:30 Pm.After that she dint speak to me properly.I preponed and came back to home town,Then we went to madurai with my parents to attend marriage , From there we went to tirupathi.We were together for a period of 15 days .Then she went back to chennai since she dint get transfer.She came back for 2 days as my parents were leaving for abroad.Till that time she spoke to me without any interest..After My parents left she started ,She behaviour has become bit more rash.And she started sending messages like I dont like u etc..After all these I tried persuading her but she kept on saying the same thing.I tried my level best for a month .In the month of july I informed her uncle regarding this .Its been two months there is no proper responce.

I tried arranging meating with her uncle my relatives and me ,But they keep dragging this for the past 2 months , saying time is not good etc..

Really confused... what to do ..



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Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     01 September 2012

If she has made it clear that she does not like you then you accept the fact that there is no point in forcing her to like you. Talk to her straight as to what does she want now. Talk to her to settle the matter finally, see if she is ready to come back otherwise, there is no point in just dragging the matter and wasting the life of both of you. Convince her for MCD so that she would be free to marry the man who is likable to her and you would also be free to marry a girl who would like you and thus both would be happy.
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Biswajit Kumar Patra (Advocate)     01 September 2012


Dear Sri,

You are on the right track. Try and arrange discussion with your wife and her relatives and try to find out what exactly is the problem with her. Your query does not say anything about her actual problem. The present situation cannot be termed as “irretrievable break down of marriage”. You must bear in mind that at the initial stage every woman faces the problem of adjusting herself to the new surroundings. Try to give her a comfort zone first.

Above all I would suggest you to keep your cool and give your best effort to settle the matter amicably. Because you know that your option parting with is always available to but to settle the matter you have this time only and once you miss the bus you may have regret about it for life long.

Unknownfield (other)     02 September 2012

Is there any way I can leaglly call her to come and live with me

Adv Archana Deshmukh (Practicing Advocate)     02 September 2012

Legally you can file a petition for restitution of conjugal rights to bring her back for cohabitation.  If it is found that she is living seperately without any just and reasonable cause then the court shall grant you the decree. Though she cannot be forced to cohabit with you in spite of the decree, but during the said case you and your wife shall be sent for councelling by the court. If she changes her mind during the councelling then she may come back.

Unknownfield (other)     02 September 2012

I see lot of confusions when they speak..

1.she havent spoke to me for the past two months

2.When my parents call her she doesn't attend the call

3.Now she has changed her no 

4.She has take all dress,what ever jwellery she has brought and the one we gave her( looks everythings planned)

5.Now the contact is through her uncle  and he keeps dragging thinks saying now its not good time for her 

Its been 2 months her uncle is daudging ,Every week we call him he gives some reason..


Based on this how can I proceed RCR will be the right thing?

Nandha (NIL)     02 September 2012

@sri..  i am also on the same boat.


I am not a lawyer, but I am following LCI for the last 1 year. After reading several messages, I understand that you can file RCR in the court  which will legally ask (i repeat 'ask') her to live with you. But most of the lawyers say that RCR is a futile excercise because even if court decides in your favour, it is her call whether to come or not. Court cannot force her to live with you.  


If she does not come to live with you, wait for 1 year and then file for divorce. You may be granted divorce. This is the general way from a husband side to bring back his wife.


But the actions from wife  side would be different. When you file for RCR, your wife's lawyer will advise her to put cases like DV, so that she can justify for not joining you. 


Ld. lawyers may suggest you some other ways as well.


All the best





Unknownfield (other)     02 September 2012

I had transfered 1.5L to her before marriage .

I had booked all her and her relative tickets 

these can be used  can be used as proof If she files a DV

DO i Need to get AB  if yes how much will it cost to do that i mean on an avg..

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