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My heartfelt thanks to shonee bhaiya

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HK_Jain... (498a Fighter)     25 January 2013


My story - Part 1


 I got married in Jan, 2010. My family consists of me, mother, father, younger brother and sister (Dialysis Patient). Mine is an arranged marriage. Later we came to know that they are the 498a gang as they had deal with 2 cases in their close relations like cousins and has been extort money from them.

After the marriage she used to go to her parents home very frequently as such that the in-laws place or house in which I am staying is considered a boarding school every time when some holidays, functions, festivals came. She never used to care about me nor my parents. Didn’t use to take part in domestic work except watching TV, talking on phone, eating and sleeping, moving out with me and nothing else. She didn’t even care on dialysis patients. She is having a short tempered. We only used to have arguments over small things. However, her mother has managed to elevate her misunderstanding against me by brainwashing her whenever she used to have an argument with me. She create dispute on daily’s small issues and then make a call to her mom, they come to my place and create a scene in front of neighbours and all. It happened to me two-three times.

We have a baby child. She started mentally harassing me after the child, prior it was less, but it has reached beyond limit. She also has adjustable problems with my family. She hates my parents and my only sister (patient). She wants to live separately with me and want to override me my decision ,my social circle, my responsibility towards my parents. She cannot holds that i participate in financial matter of my family when I give money to my parents for their sake and medical treatment of my younger sister. After marriage itself the differences started, she used to behave in an eccentric manner. Erasing call registers after talking on phones, talking on phones when no one is noticing, disconnecting it when nearby that she might change her attitude there at least. She does not like my mother or any my family member & used to abuse them. First I lived with my whole family but due to her my parents disown me also and I got  separated from my home and lived alone only with my wife & 8 months daughter in a rented home. Even after that there was no even a small change could be seen in her attitude. Her cruelty to me & my family did not stop here, it’s still continued, she did never stop abusing them. Also, now she want that I even could not go to my mother place. And she was also not allowing visiting my daughter to my parents which had now disturbed me a lot I am frustrated & exhaust with my wife behaviour.

She used to torture me by giving false claims even about food in odd hours of night when I reached, was made to sleep empty stomach on one or more pretext. She keeps herself away from me and does not give my s*xual as well as respectful social life by harassing me, goes to her matrimonial home for months together whenever difference arises during which she stayed at her matrimonial home for more than a years in all the 2 years, my in-laws too support her as she had made my reputation as if I take granted about my family and family monetary responsibilities. But she harassed me by comparing with his others, saying vulgar words in whispering voice and more. 

Many a times parental meetings happened, even after third party involvement to change their behaviour they never changed their behaviour. Unable to bear torture by her, her parents and relatives over there, also their cruel and mental attitude, ugly verbal abuses every time. When one day beyond words, all through night fighting, scolding even physically when she money for conjugal life, for doing domestic work, for facilitating me and many more, finally a verbal duel and next day ugly words on street made quit.  Her father threatens me to use dowry law against my whole family.

My wife has been staying separately since 17 November 2011. No contacts have been made till now except for when she filed complaint in Women cell in Delhi, Nanakpura January 2012 to appear before this on 10 January 2012. I attended the cell and gave my statements. They forward it to counselling session after agreeing and signed the request for counselling form by an application. Counsellor gave next date to visit i.e. 19 January 2012.

Mean while my wife lodged another complaint in CAW cell Rohini, CAW Cell Dwarka & Delhi Mahila Ayog, I.P. Estate to give me more trouble & tortured. By attending cells I had to terminated from my employer also. I don’t know exactly why she did it, my mother in law influence a lot to my wife may be.

On next hearing on CAW Nanakpura I told the counsellor with the same, she told to my wife to cancel the complaint filled in another cell. Also stated us to meet in a public place and solve your matrimony and rejoin the happiness in your life & gave next date for hearing. But she did not comply that stating that she wants to drag me in several cell on same complaint of 498a.After that I am continuously getting summons/calls from police station on her complaint. I usually go there sit for several hours, sometime her side comes and sometime not. Sometimes, I also harassed by investigation officer in cells. 

I called My father In law to cancel the complaint in Mahila Ayog & Police stations as I am already attend all the counselling session in CAW Nanakpura he told me that she is ready to live with you if you live with her in your parental property home (other house of my father) not a rented room stating that convince your family to give their home to her daughter first, to live otherwise the tortured will be continued if you would not be ready to do so, we can filled a false complaint of dowry related & criminal case against you & your family. They added; otherwise give huge amount as alimony to us for one time settlement.

Now, She approached lawyer want to harass me and my family emotionally,  They are doing it regularly by phone and sms. They also approach DLSA (Delhi Legal Service Authority) for mediation process. They are pressuring me to come to court to settle the matter by a huge amount of money 20 lakhs in mediation in court.

I have lost faith and trust to my wife as she allegate me and my family. I also lost respect for her by her & in-laws abusing nature to me. They are harassing me regularly. Due to depression, i lost everything, My younger sister is dialysis patient. Parents feel shy/insulted to meet people, we almost defame in society, neighbourhood and relatives. We were dying day-by-day with fear of arrest.

We were in under threat of falsely implicating me & my parents in dowry related and other criminal cases.

Sorry guys as I dont know how to start, later I tell what I did.....



fighting for my brother (HR)     15 November 2013

good keep it up...

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