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Anonymous (Software )     28 March 2024

My girlfriend house arrested

I am a resident of Hyderabad, I am a Hindu and my girlfriend is a Muslim. Both are 24 years old. We are in a relation since july 2022. My mistake was I was a very dominating person initially and also hit her a few number of times, one day we had a very huge argument and then she herself told her parents that she was in a relation with me and she is not happy. Her parents then immediately stopped her for working and took away her phone. They are not abusing her in any way and are providing her with all the basic amenities but they are not allowing her to leave out of the house or have any contact with me or any of her other friends. I realised my mistake and I was completely broken and called her brother and requested him to allow her to continue her job and let me meet her for once last time, he threatened me and asked me to mind my own business. Then 3 days later i received a call from her stating she want to leave me and she don't want to continue the relationship with me. I requested her but she did not listen. Two days later I received a text from her stating she did a mistake of telling about our relation in her house and the call she earlier made was a force from her family. I was vert sorry and asked to forgive me for all the mistakes which i earlier commited and promised her that i will never be dominating again and would never hit her or abuse her in any way. Even after all this my girlfriend established a contact with me. She had a sim with her which i gave her a few months ago. Her parents gave her an old phone without a sim to watch YouTube or any ott platforms. She then used that number to connect with me through whats app. She stated that in last 3 days she realised about my love and would never want to leave me. We continued chatting daily and we were happy in what ever we had and were hoping that soon her parents will ler her start working again. Months passed by and she was again caught up by her parents in October 2023, there was no contact for almost a week, but again she established a contact with me through what's app, now recently she got caught up again and this time there was no contact from her side, so i along with my mom went to their home to have a conversation, but they were not ready to speak and stated we are from different religion and they are not ready for our marriage.We were happily chatting till the day before and now they are stating that she doesn't want to be with me. We asked them that we want to meet my girlfriend and if she really don't want me we would silently leave. They refused and asked us to leave. My girlfriend is such a person who won't come out without her parents concent and also want to marry me in any way. How can i proceed now, if i file a police complaint or plea for a writ of habeus Corpus and if my girlfriend due to family pressure or any emotional blackmail by the family deny in the court, I might get backfired . What are my options. I really love her and want to marry her. I atleast want to have a talk with her. If she really wants to go by her parents wish , I am fine with it, but I want to hear it from her.


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Dr. J C Vashista (Advocate )     28 March 2024

No case is made out against your girl-friend or her parents/ family members.

Relax and forget past relationship / affair.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     28 March 2024

Until and unless she flees her house and takes shelter with you, you cannot do anything legally about it.

It is she who has to take bold steps.

Your complaint with police will not be entertained neither a HCP is maintainable.

Shashi Dhara   28 March 2024

Keep her whats app messages finally message her if she is ready to come with you and leave her parents then file habeus corpus petition or take help of Hindu sangatana or other ---- noto--- hindu groups.

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