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Rajesh   30 September 2021

Music copyright

Hello Experts,

I have some English songs to copyright. I have been told to directly do it using the online submission facility through the websites if I want to do it in India and if I wish to do it in the USA. I have also been told that I can even do it at both the places or just one of them but either way it will have a same legal claim as per the international agreement between USA and India.

What should I do? Moreover my concern is how safe is the process of filing online through these websites? I mean simply filling up the form with the asked details and clicking the submit button sounds a bit scary. Is this really 100% safe? 

Your expert suggestions are highly appreciated.





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Anusha Singh   01 October 2021

As per your query it is understood that you want to know about how to get the copyright in India and USA and whether the only procedure to do so is safe or not.

How to copyright a song in India

You can apply for copyright a song in India through offline or online mode. In offline mode, you have to fill the application in which you have to fill all required details like personal, professional and work details and along with application you have to submit the required fees for registration.

After submission of your registration application of copyright a song in India you have to wait for 30 days for copyright approval because after submission of application, the examination department of copyright will examine your song and if there is objection received for your song then your copyright application may be rejected so after the proper examination of your work and if anything goes right then only you will get a copyright on your song.

If you don’t want to follow the offline procedure then you can choose the online procedure for registration under the copyright department. Online procedure is very easy and simple. First, you have to visit the official website of copyright registration then you have to sign up on the website which means you have to create a login ID on the website. During creating your login ID you have to give fill the required information like your e-mail id, phone number.

After creating your id on the website you have to click on the ‘new registration’ button. After clicking on the new registration an application form will open and you have to fill that form.

You to fill the required information like name, address, the nationality of the applicant, class of the work, a title of work, language of the work, whether work is published or not and other details. So first you have to fill the application form and after filling this form you have to save this and click on the next button for further step.

After clicking on the next button a new page will open in which you have to fill the statement of further particulars in which you have to fill the required details like work to be registered is original or not, if it is adaption of a work then you have to fill the details of that work and other required details. After filling this form you have to click on the save and next button.

Then you have to fill the remaining required details in your application and after filling of remaining details you have to save your application and proceed to the payment of fees. You have to pay the prescribed fee for your application because paying the prescribed fee you may not be able to submit your form so you have submitted the fees for registration.

After submission of fee your form will be submitted online and after 30 days if everything goes well you will get your copyright on your song. As above mentioned in the article it will take time because the examination department will examine your copyright application and they will examine your work.

You can get the copyright in USA too separately and you can also opt for international copyright through Berne Convention. Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works or Berne Convention is an international agreement governing copyright, which was first accepted in Berne, Switzerland, in 1886. As of February 2018, there are 175 states that are parties to the Berne Convention. This includes 172 UN member states plus the Cook Islands, the Holy See and Niue.

Regarding the online application now a days our daily errands from ordering clothes to ordering groceries and filing a case too everything is happening online. Many companies and people are opting the online platform to get the copyright as the offline process is time consuming.

Hope it helps!


Anusha Singh

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Rajesh   01 October 2021

Thank you Anusha Singh. I so much appreciate your time and detailed reply. 

Does this mean there is no need to hire a lawyer to do this job?

AnnabellaCeridwen   27 May 2022

Some songs in the United States are usually copyrighted.

BlakeThomas   14 December 2022

When using any other person's song, you need to take care of music licensing so that there are no problems in the future.

Jessie Ball   18 December 2022

All music must be protected by copyright.

BlakeThomas   21 December 2022

Most violations in the music sector are related to Licensing Music in Video Content Production. Therefore, it is important to know all important aspects of music licensing.

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