mr. shonee kapoor brought his son back.




Mr. Shonee Kapoor brought his son back


Exhilarating start of year 2012 for Mr. Shonee Kapoor, his beloved son & all of us at LCI.


Exemplifying a father, determined to (not destined to) achieve the dream of his son and himself,  Mr. Shonee Kapoor brought his son back.


The child ''Triaksh'' was less than even 2 years when departed from his beloved father by Law. But this brave warrior father meticulously worked to get back his son, his most precious Gem !!


It was a more than 3.5 years restless diligence, associated with collecting wisdom of legislature, legal provisions, various laws governing matrimonial implications. In spite of being a software professional, Shonee started studying for L.L.B.,  acquainted himself with the legal provisions and fought his own case.


Well, is it really soooooooooo difficult ?

Mera advocate hai ! Dekh lega sab kuch !! – so simple.


Well, the case is yours own. Your advocate is your representative who pleds in the court of law on your behalf. Why not actively team up with the advocate ? why not have all the 30 section (merely 16 pages of A4 size) of Hindu marriage act by heart ? why not go through relevant C.P.C. provisions ? Everything is available online with just a single mouse click. There are learned experts offering authentic assistance, voluntarily on various platforms like LCI. Why not avail the explosion of information technology ? isnt this much diligence worth to get back ur sweetie cutie ?


What one needs to know for defending a matrimonial case ??

In fact, all the laws governing the case should be known if one is determined to win the relief he/she deserves. If one knows the exact & correct process of trying the case in the court of law, he/she can keep surveillance - whether the case is going in right direction or not.


Don’t keep any action ''Raam Bharose''. Before taking every step just think – what are the available options ? which ones are the best ? Question your counsel - what is the advantage of choosing one option & what is the disadvantage of not choosing the others ? Stir the entire sea and come out with the pearl u r looking for !!


One of my relatives got child custody order in his favor. But he did not execute the order for whole 1 year. When asked for the reason, he answered – ‘my counsel said – u have already won child custody & u can take possession of the child any time in future !’                                                                                 ... Hey Bhagwan !!


What was the above para about ?? - A total fiasco; even after a bright victory !! Big Mistake … Just lack of relevant knowledge.


As in computers, there is no ‘Undo’ in court. A Civil (matrimonial) case is nothing more than a Sloth; better to say a Tortoise ! However, one should not tie the legs of the tortoise by his/her own mistakes.


Conclusion ?

Be positive. Truth always wins (Satyam Eva Jayate). Keep patience. Have faith in urself & ur abilities. Make yourself familiar with legal provisions and procedures.


For how long victory is going to play hide and seek ??

Lets play, lets see who gets tired first !!

Just deny to rest until ultimate goal is achieved !!

Don't look for the victory; Hunt it down !!

This night has to pass – Sun has to shine !!

I will win, for sure – today / tomorrow.


As Mr. Shonee Kapoor always says :

Sirf Hangama khada karna mera maqsad nahi,
Saari Koshish hai ki ye surat badalni chahiye.

Mere seene mein nahi to tere seene mein sahi,
Ho Kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye.

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Very Encouraging and Inspiring.

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Congrats to a wise and helpful freind.

Who helps others will also get the blesssings from God!

Thanks Amit for posting the gud news and the nice suggestions u had given for the victims!

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i m feeling v happy for my friend Shonee kapoor but at same time  feeling pain for the mother..

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This thread is repeatedly posted - My mistake.


Pl. use the other thread.




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