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most probable situation after irbm gets passed !!!!


Most probable situation after IRBM gets passed !!!!




It is worth reading!!!



The following is quite possible (Reason: IRBM allows a person to take advantage of his/her owm wrongs!!!!! IRBM clause allows a peron to to be inhuman also !!!! and still a person can go to court and ask for divorce, money for financial difficulty)



Scenario:-  Wife claims the divorce on IRBM as well as she also claims financial difficulty due to Divorce (Dono hath mein laddu!!! aur bhi dauda dauda ke husband ko pitna hai to ............ read following)


1. Wife goes in court and asks for divorce' and any sh*t reasons and blows up the matter to any leve and any absurd allegations.


2. Then she ensures that the case linger for 3 years 


3. MOST IMPORTANT: she ensures that she files maintenance residence and all sorts of extortion and in all different names (there are plenty of clauses and avenues)


4. Thus she ensures maint for 3 years as well as case gets  lingering for 3 years!!!!

5. This fact convincingly proves that wife lived apart from husband for 3 years .... because they are both fighting and already come on records that they are separated.


6. And finally the Winning Sixer!!! ........ After 3 years it would not matter 'who was at fault'!!!!" (Thanks to IRBM)


7. Wife also claims the divorce on IRBM as well as she also claims she has financial difficulty due to Divorce (and CRPC 125, DVA, Sec 25, etc etc aren't going anywhere!!! ... ) 



Once and for all we should imlement such law!!! 

Godd for the nation!!!

It has a short term effect and men would feel bad !!!






But long term effect is really good  ............. Men would think trillion times before marrying and find ways for live-in (No strings attached!!!!)




Before getting into marital ties men would enter into prenup-agreements as well as Men would author 'Private trusts' with life interests for themselves(they themselves as beneficiary) as well as a fully revocable trusts and easily safeguard their money and assets.




For the wealth created during marriage, they would ensure that they keep puttiing the same immediate in trust which make them beneficiary in the wa they devise it !!!!




Remember ..................... 'Private trusts' laws are powerful and can evade any provisions if used smartly. 

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Banana Master

super, but aapke sasural wale (law) mannenge tab na.........



jamai raja bolenge to jarur manenge...




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