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money taken - compalint vao office

part A has a piece of ancestral grama natham land. VAO office declines to issue tax receipt on the land... part B approaches party A to help him with getting the tax receipt through a broker that works with the VAO..party A gives party B around 10k initial advance.PARTY B comes back and demands more per the broker demands  which party A declines and asks party B to refund the 10 k paid as party A doest want to proceed further..no response from PARTY B ..there is a hand written note from PARTY B on the amount received , issued to PARTY A and this is taken in front of a witness. now,what is the exact procedure to go with this..should the PARTY A cmplain against the VAO or the party B and who to complain..can police help on this.. party A fears not to receive any defamation suit frm VAO office by wrongly filing the case against the office if they have no knowledge about all this..


Basically bribing a government official directly orthrough a middleman is an offence, now since you have already committed the  offence, instead of getting trapped or getting back fired, just try to solve the issue amicably or ignore the entire episode as a bad dream and never indulge in such activities if you are not sure of the results.




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