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shrishriml (service)     14 September 2016

minor share

what is minor share in fathers property


 12 Replies

Kappil Cchandna (Expert Bail & Criminal Defence Lawyer at Delhi Supreme Court of India)     14 September 2016

Mam, So far as the father of your son is alive I.e. Your husband I fee your son have no right in the property and you cannot stop him from alienation of his share in the property .... Warm Regarde Kapil Chandna Advocate 9899011450

shrishriml (service)     14 September 2016

I dont understand why people from non legal backgrounds even comment on this forum.None is seeking your advice. dont have to come here and get your frustration out on other women seeking justice.  It seems like you all are in support of husbands throwing the wife and children out of house at his own will and then enjoy a life devoid of all responsibilities.

shrishriml (service)     14 September 2016

Martin Sujay ...from your earlier posts i understand how you have tortured your wife and are now bearing the brunt of a 498a. good luck.

dont show your frustration on other women else you will end up with many cases at the end of it.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     14 September 2016

You have posted that:

"what is minor share in fathers property"


Post full facts.

The property is self earned/self acquired/HUF/ancestral?

Which personal law applies in instant case e.g; Hindu Succession Laws?

Is father alive?



Sachin Gulyani (Student)     14 September 2016

I don't know why some people over here become personal?  Why they want to judge people and their background?  Earlier me too became the victim of people judging the intention and the background and then coming up with the false stories which are not even related to the inquisitor. 


It is like maligning the character of the inquisitor.  People might not have any idea about what he or she might be going through.  It is like throwing the mud on the emotions of someone.


I genuinely request people that if you do not feel the query correct then please do not respond.  Not responding is better than to raise a finger on a person who might be facing a huge turmoil .

shrishriml (service)     14 September 2016

Yes this is exactly the reason i have deleted my post from here. i do not think this site is of much use as people commenting are mostly bullies getting their personal frustration out and hardly any lawyers respond. Noone seems to be monitoring such guys as well who i see are repeatedly only there to bring down people.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     14 September 2016

@ shrishriml,

Had you responded I would have replied.

There is button that you can press to report abuse and send PM to admin to delete the profile of such querist/members.

shrishriml (service)     14 September 2016

@ Kumar Doab: I have already reported, as i see this guy Martin Sujay has been doing the same on multiple forums.

My query was, does my minor son have any rights in the property of his late grandmother in which by defaul my husband would have 1/3rd share as there was no will.

What are the options for a woman who is thrown out of the matrimonial home with a kid and is also denied access to the jointly owned property with husband as tenant is staying there who refuses to vacate the house?


Kumar Doab (FIN)     14 September 2016

You have not responded to:

"Which personal law applies in instant case e.g; Hindu Succession Laws?

Is father alive?"

It is believed that deceased grandmother, are HIndu.

The property from  mother's side is not ancestral.

The proeprty recieved by inheritance may acquire nature of self acquired.

No one has any forced share in self earned/acquired property.

In case of joint property; Obtain mutation record with all link documents and ascertain if it is /HUF/ancestral? Obtain mutation record with all link documents of all properties.


The partition and eviction incase of ancestarl property might be possible.


Your own counsel specializing in family/revenue/property/civil matters, can help you further. 

Kishor Mehta (CEO)     14 September 2016


It will be helpful to know the full facts behind the query for a sensible reply/advice.

Good Luck,

Kishor Mehta

shrishriml (service)     14 September 2016

Martin Sujay : i am not seeking your advice. would be great u stop wasting your time here replying to i should earn money is none of your business. I have reported you to the authorities.

shrishriml (service)     14 September 2016

Admins take note:



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Posted about 24 hours ago Quote Report Abuse
Originally posted by : Martin Sujay
Ur giving advice or asking help? U seem crosschecking. Consult able advocate locally. Don't mess your brain which is already messed up due to cases.


You don't own this forum. Anyone can crosscheck here, that is the purpose of this forum. Stop advising people if you have nothing to advise them. Don't waste peoples time with useless posts. You have gone on a posting spree posting nothing but trash in every thread. Please stop.

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