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Mental harassment, pay problem and termination

Page no : 7


Ms Autohide4u,

Your observations, doubts and questions about Mr. Doab are quite valid. I am sure, he is such a thick-skinned person that he won't reply your questions sincerely and honestly. But, what I can guess, I can try to give some hints to you, as follows:

1) About your observation, "Mr Doab writes multiple replies on almost every thread on LCI. He seems to have maximum number of posts. It seems that he spends most of his time everyday on LCI website," anyone can notice that he spends his whole time of a day in responding to the queries at LCI. THERE CAN BE THREE PROBABILITIES, either (i) he is totally discarded by his family and he has to while away his time somewhere or the other; OR (ii) he is acting as an agent/ tout of some lawyers, as he had already admitted through one or two posts that he recommends the names of 20-25 of his favourite lawyers to the querists, which he may be doing through PMs to the querists separately also to pursuade them besides making his foray at the related threads. At one time he tried to refer one of the querist to me also; OR (iii) he would be doing some illegal business of drugs etc. or be working as a spy of some neighboring country and may be working through his accomplices and be taking up this activity to hoodwink the security agencies in the garb of being a fake expert, but without his real identity.
2). About your doubt, "Mr Doab has repeatedly said that he has not made a single paisa from LCI," the answer can be, his advice would not have been considered worthwhile to act upon by any of the querists, when his answers are of the type, "try and die yourself" for the querists, when he loads hundreds of pages of google searched absolutely wrong documents besides his vague, long and multiple confusing posts with no headway to be followed by anyone. Moreover, even some experts are confused with his multiple vague posts and question banks to the authors as his descripttive advice, which he himself also claimes so..
3) About your question, "How does Mr. Doab earn his living?" He spends all day on LCI website, so he obviously has no time left for any other job or profession. If he has not made single paisa from LCI then where does he make paisa to eat food and pay for internet?" my guess is that either he may be earning commission through some of his favourite lawyers, by acting as their tout, as he had admitted openly earlier through several threads that he recommends the names of 20-25 lawyers to the querists: OR may be earning illicitly through sale/ distribution of drugs or spy business for the neighbouring country through his accomlices.
4) About your observation, "This (and many other) questions about Mr Doab are in minds of all regular LCI members. Many members are anonymous but none of these members are writing so many replies as Mr Doab, or claiming to be "Expert" like Mr Doab, or asking other members to behave in certain way with air of authority like Mr. Doab. Given these facts, I am of the opinion that simple request made by Mr. P.S. Dhingra has merit. It is in the interest of transparency and sanctity of entire LCI community that the most prolific writer of replies on LCI, Mr. Doab should disclose his real identity," I can say, when he is expected to be engaged in some illicite and illegal business, how and why should he come with his real identity, when he has not obliged me and other members even once in spite of more than hundred requests. Not only that he has openly refused to come with his real identity through severla of the threads. So, what can be assumed about his realself, real profession, real name, real photo, real location, etc,? You will notice that even on your request, he won't come out with his real identity.
About your hope, "I am eagerly holding popcorn and eagerly waiting for next episode of this seria" that is likely to be proved merely as a mirage in the desert.
Anyway, let us see, if he can comeout of his garb!.


Ms. Autohide4u,

As I already pointed out, "You will notice that even on your request, he won't come out with his real identity." AND "About your hope, "I am eagerly holding popcorn and eagerly waiting for next episode of this seria" that is likely to be proved merely as a mirage in the desert," HE HAS NOT COME OUT FROM HIS HIDEOUT WITH HIS REAL IDENTITY EVEN AFTER 19 DAYS.

So, your hopes are fully dashed.


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