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Mba girl hangs herself on cellphone camera



MBA girl kills self, films act on phone












Mumbai, Sept 29: A 24-year-old MBA girl shocked many with her "weird" act. Nidhi Singh committed suicide and recorded the entire act in her cell phone.

Nidhi's husband and the rest of the family members were shocked after citing her decision to end her life. Nidhi left a suicide note stating "no one is responsible" behind her gruesome act.

Thane police stated, "She recorded her suicide on her cellphone. She also left behind a note, which was in Hindi but scriptted in Roman alphabets, holding no one responsible for the act. She also apologized to her husband."

However, in her suicide note, Nidhi reportedly claimed that she was depressed and had regret about her love marriage. The recorded mobile phone footage was 1.33 minutes long.

Police said, "Samdashi (Nidhi's husband) said that around 9:30 am, when he was leaving for work, Nidhi requested him to talk with her for 10 minutes. He complied but she again tried to stop him. He ultimately left as he was getting late for work. Around 10 am, he received an SMS from her saying 'sorry'. But he did not take it seriously."

Nidhi's father, who tried to contact her for the whole day, got scared and informed their relatives. Nidhi's husband stated, "Around 9.30 pm, I went along with my relative to the flat. But when my wife did not answer the knocks, we informed the police. The fire brigade was called and they broke open the door to find her hanging from the ceiling."





Nidhi Singh, the 24-year-old woman who committed suicide at her residence in Andheri (East) on Tuesday, was allegedly being tortured by her husband and in-laws for dowry. The police said she was reluctant to inform her parents about it as she had married against their will.






Singh’s parents told the police she was being tortured and harassed by Samdashi, who is employed as an assistant manager with a private bank. He and his parents had been allegedly demanding Rs 5 lakh from Singh for their daughter’s marriage.




Sources in the MIDC police station said she had left a video recording revealing how her in-laws had harassed her.




Singh, who was from Kanpur, met Samdashi while he was there on a project. They fell in love and decided to get married. The couple got married in February this year and shifted to Mumbai after staying in Delhi for a few months.



On Tuesday, when Singh’s father could not get in touch with her, he asked a relative to check on her. She was found hanging at her residence by her husband and relative.




I think this is the first case in which women uses video recording,left a suicide note .Circumstances evidences is different thing.My question is whether it it is called dying declaration ? Here the girl said in a note;no one is responsible now whether their family members liable to be punished ?

(Hearsay evidences are not given any weightage inthe courts Dying declaration is an exception to this rule because if this evidence is not considered very purpose of the justice will be forfeited in certain situations when there may not be any other witness to the crime except the person who has since died. Sometimes it the best evidence in such situations. Its admissibility is explained in the section 32 (1) of Indian Evidence Act. According to this section when the statement is made by a person as to the cause of his death, or any of the circumstances of the transaction which resulted in his death, in cases in which the cause of that person’s death comes into question.)

 A suicidal note written found in the clothes of the deceased it is in the nature of dying declaration and is admissible in evidence under Section 32 of Indian Evidence Act.


 9 Replies


This is an example of how Indian Gender Biased law is miused.  I don't see this a case of dowry because


1. It was a love marraige. Seldom in love marraige there is a dowry.


2. Girl was having mental problems she was admittedly depressed. She also wrote in her sms that she is sorry for troubling her husband.


3. In her alleged sucidal notes she has clearly said no ody is responsible for her death.



Now typical dowry death soap opera will start and another husband will be tortured for things which he never committed. In eyes of laws he is already guilty.


God knows!

shrinivasg Advocate. (N)     30 September 2011

case should be thoroughly investigated by police,and  track of event fromthe date coming to mumbai should be taken into considertion. It may happen that  the note written may be forcebly taken by sombody and self timer camera is kept on and somebody is resposible for provoking her to do so.



gender biased laws are misused ,yes you are right but at this point we can't say whether the husband and their family liable or not.As utpala said god knows.

Police investigation is running.cout will look on the circumstances ,facts ,mental condition of the wife in the video footage etc.Here the girls's parents allege that it is a dowry death.Here the girl depressed and also said no one is responsible.



yes, may be ,  the note written may be forcebly taken by sombody .

If court will take strict interpretation of the section ,then the family will be punished.Here we have to look what the law said;Let's see what the court will decide..............





[113A.Presumption as to abetment of suicide by a married woman: -When the question is whether the commission of suicide by a woman had been abetted by her husband or any relative of her husband and it is shown that she had committed suicide within a period of seven years from the date of her marriage and that her husband or such relative of her husband had subjected her to cruelty, the court may presume, having regard to all the other circumstances of the case, that such suicide had been abetted by her husband or by such relative of her husband.

 Explanation: - For the purposes of this section “cruelty” shall have the same meaning as in section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860).]


[113B.Presumption as to dowry death: - When the question is whether a person has committed the dowry death of a woman and it is shown that soon before her death such woman has been subjected by such person to cruelty or harassment for, or in connection with, any demand for dowry, the court shall presume that such person had caused the dowry death.

 Explanation: - For the purposes of this section “dowry death” shall have the same meaning as in section 304B, of the Indian Penal Code (45 of 1860)


A1981 (abc)     30 September 2011

Even now if it is not clear whether it is dowry death or not? 

Nobody in this world can prove any death of married women otherwise

Why dont we come with the law to just kill the husband? that will be much better and very satisfactory for husband and many others... 

This is what  being called, Girls of 21st century 


The husband will not be punished, may be initially a little..but later on will be acquitted...

The question is not - whether in reality the husband in quilty..question is whether in the eyes of law (bases on evidence available) the husband in guilty..

Prima facie - there is nothing against the husband...

There are various jusgements of the supreme court about 304B and 306..which will favor the husband...

The statements of the relatives of the wife..will say whether any case will be launched against the husbad...



Husband cannot be held responsible for this lady's foolish acts  !!!

rajiv_lodha (zz)     17 April 2012

Let investigation take its own course, during that husband & others will be questioned..................this is necessary too! No need to cry wolf at this stage.


Logically both husband's family as well as girl's parents to be questioned for a proper investigation .... to unleash the truth behind this foolish act which is not expected from a well educated girl !! 

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