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marriage issue. please help to end things and let me live


I am very troubled, I don't know what to do. Please Help me. This is my case:

I am a girl, presently I am 26 years old. When I was aged 18yr, I met a boy 29 yrs old. I fell in relationship with this boy.

I was immature during that time. I knew nothing about this boy like his age, profession etc. Whenever I used to ask him about his age and profession,
he became angry on me. He always used to be in anger.
During that time when I was 18, this boy forced to have s*x with him, I resisted for the first time. But days after days he emotionally forced me and
one day he broke my virginity. I was broke, didn't knew what to do. I was immature, thought that now I has no option but just to be with him.
Out of embarasement, I didn't told anybody about this. I starting making up my mind for living with him. But there was always fight because of difference
in opinion and age. He hides his age for very long time. He started visiting me more often, but now it seems just for one purpose to have s*x with me.
I made up my mind that I had no option but to live with this boy throughout life. I keep on adjusting myself with his furious behaviour. He never
allowed me to make friends and do other activities. I was like slave to her.

After completing my graduation, i went away from city for my Post graduation at age of 23. There I come in contact with other people. I started living independently.
I made friend, knew about their opinions. There I realize that I was being foolish forcing myself to live with her forcefully. So I insisted on breaking
this relationship. He became very angry and started fighting with me. He never allowed me to go away. He started forcing me by giving warning that I will
kill all your loved ones my brother, my father etc. During that time I heard that , he had some criminal records. He been to jail for some time also for
half murder. I was scared.

One day he called me frm my college. He took me to temple and forced me to marry him. I resisted, he beats me and warned my of killing my brother and father.
I was really scared. So he forcefully married me in temple in the presence of his 4-5 known people. Our marriage was not registered anywhere but he has
pictures of marriage as proof.
I went to my Dad and told everything. He started mentally harrasing us all. He came to my house 5-6 times meet my family and warned them in their face of
killing us all. My father tries to settle things peacefully by making him understand things but he was not ready to give up. We recorded one of telephonic conversation
in which he is warning my Dad of killing us all as proof. After lots of effort, he said he wont bother us any more and stopped. I never had contact with him
since after marriage.

But later also calls came to me sometime, I didn't took. Some messages too, I didn't replied. Now things stopped for 1 years nearly.
But he had said that whenever My marriage will be fixed, he will come spoil the marriage. We consulted one lawyer, he said that proof he has will prove
that I am married to him in court. I am very ashamed of putting my parents in such position. Now my parent want my marriage but I know he will create
problem. My parents are relaxed and think that everything is over now. Our lawyer says that we should not do anything in advance. He says let him claim
me as her wife and then we will fight the case. But every single day is very hard. I live in terror for every single day.

Furthermore about that boy . He has strong criminal contacts, political contacts and is financially very strong.

What should I do? I want to end everything with him and live my life peace fully. I live in terror my every single day.
Please help me.
can we prove this marriage void? If yes, then how?
If I have to take divorce, on what grounds can I get? How long will it take?




Screening the core issue in your emotional outburst and multiple allegations, it appears that you want to show that the marriage is void. You can do so if you can prove that you were coerced into it.  A reasonable person will question why you waited this long and it appears that you were enjoying the physical relationship as much, if indeed it continued for so long. This fact will weigh heavily against you in any legal proceedings unless you have unambiguous evidence that you were coerced into the marriage. Even then, you may have missed the time frame within which you are legally allowed to get the marriage voided.  In that case, cruelty is the only option you have left to seek divorce as he has not intentionally deserted you. Disclaimer: I am NOT an advocate and my knowledge in getting a marriage voided is limited. 

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Lawyer at Supreme Court of India

Dear, Were there any other person who attended the marraige.in temple? Has he received any certificate from the temple regarding your marriage.? Adv kapil chandna, 9899011450

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I don't have any idea of any certificate that he has recieved.
 But I know he is capable of forging false certificate.

What should I do further


If my only option is Divorce?? How can I Get that??

How can I prove his cruelty in court of law??

I haven't been in any contact after marriage . It's been 2 years. Can this be the basis??


No. Madam.  It is not divorce.  It is annulment of marriage.  The physical relationship was by force.  Later on perfunctory marriage was under threat.  The threat is continuing till date.  As such, if you move annulment petition and convince the court that you were and are under threat and not only just you, the entire family of yours was and is under constant physical threat of this bully who carries on his head several criminal charges, you should go for annulment instead of divorce.

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Contact Eminent Lawyers...Hope you will find some peace.




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