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marriage- hindu boy, muslim girl

Need help and suggestion,

I am a Hindu boy aged 30 and I want to marry Muslim girl age 26, we both love each other, and we are in Live-In for last 4 years. Now we want to get married. My family has no objection; her elder sister is also ok with this decision. However her mother and younger sisters also know that she is living with me and they use to frequent visit too.

I want to get married with her now it’s too long and start a family now.

What is the process of converting her to Hinduism and change her name to Hindu name too and then marry to Hindu girl, who is converted form Muslim to Hindu.

Please suggest the need full to be done as her family won’t allow to get married to me as her sister can allow.

I want to avoid police case and other legal obligation so please suggest the correct legal way to execute my marriage peacefully and silently

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You have two options - either you can get her converted through a Hindu Religious Institution - Shuddhikaran as it is called/d. The other option you have is a called civil marriage done under the Special Marriage Act. Implications would be different in either case - in first you'd be governed by Hindu law insofar as property/marriage etc is governed - in teh second case - you'd be governed by common secular laws and child would be of religion as he/she is brought up. 

In the ultimate analysis It's a personal choice. 


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I would prefer first option

Where can I get her converted Religious Institution - Shuddhikaran(Arya Samaj Mandir)

I want to change her name too to some Hindu name so that all her document from now onward should be on her new name, but will it not impact her old name certificates or documents I want to make her passport, will there not be a problem.

If I go for court marriage what all documents required by court to register our marriage?

What is the procedure to change name?

Will the Arya samaj mandir manage my problem ?






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