Marriage by emotional blackmailing.

Sir, My brother who's a Hindu by birth aged 23 married a Hindu girl aged 23 when both of them were 21. My brother was mentally harassed by this girl to marry her. She threatened him that she will die if my brother doesn't marry her. My brother gets easily afraid of emotional blackmails. So he married her. Now the marriage is a court registered one and all this happened during feb 2014 , just 3 months after my brothers 21st birthday. My brother kept this marriage secret from us for more than 1.5 years and the girl also didn't tried to reach us. Now after one and a half year of their marriage the girl again started to emotionally blackmail my brother to introduce her as his wife to my parents. This was the time when we came to know about this marriage. My parents directly rejected the marriage. After a lot of grilling my brother told everything about how the marriage happened and how she blackmailed her. He told us that the marriage was never consummated and they never had any physical contact. Also the guarantor to the marriage were the girls mother, her grandma, and her friend who was a common friends of both of them. My parents had completely no knowledge about it. My brother doesn't wants to live with her and wants a divorce. Also the girl most often demanded money from my brother during this 2-3 years. It seems that she deliberately have done all these to demand cash from my brother. Note- My brother and the girl were childhood friends. Please give some suggestions on how to get rid of her. Thank you.


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better try to arrive at a amicable solution for if you file divorce from your side it will drag on for years and also the girls side might retaliate by filing a handful of cases over you and your family

hi as your case read one thing i want to know from you why you said that she blackmail to your brother and he force to youer brother for marriage 

as your case see its very very wrong to say that she blackmail to your brother your brother marriage with his owen desire no one in between with them and your brother not to tell you for lng time he is marriage with girl its other wrong and if she ask him or force to meet with parents its his right he meet with your parents 

if your brother say now that he dont want to marriage with this girl and she force him than why he say that all when he force him for blackmail whay he say that s all now if he demand for money so she ask for it all coz she is wife of your brother 

so if your brother want to divourse on this ground thats impossible and if he proove some blackmailing and force marriage thats some will help you in case 



What was the purpose of getting married if there was not going to be any physical contact between you and your wife? What was the purpose of getting married secretly and not revealing it after a period of time?

Difficult to understand this kind of marriage by  blackmail having been happened in India, that too, by a girl !  How do you know that the marriage is yet not consummated and there was no physical relationships between your brother and his legally wedded wife.   Obviously, your brother had a love affair with the girl and they have willlingly married  but you/your parents have"grilled him" and under your pressure he appears to be willing to divorce the girl !   What a strange case is this ?  Instead of creating problems  in their married life, it would be proper for you to help them to settle in their life.  Think about the plight of that poor girl who  had obviously trusted your brother and married him !    It would be wise for you and your parents to resist the temptation of "getting rid of "  the girl please.   You must be aware of the fact that there are enough legal provisions enabling the girl to drag not only your brother but you and parents too to the court of law. 




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