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Man sent to jail for not paying alimony

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You and your comments are generic to me...


Please avoid your rainbow glasses from your eyes and shed your ego and then read my above post what i have written. Your frustration doesn't need any comments from me.

I need action rather than millions of suggestions because last 30 years we are only blaming and giving suggestions but the action what we needed doesnt come from every nook and corner of India.

The day when each frustrated guy like you will ready to act rather than mere giving speeches then our india will automatically adopt unbiased laws and gender equalization.


One more thing I am not here to show my pains or show my credentials unnecessarily as i believe in acts rather than showcast.if I have to show my pains and credentials then I will not choose this LCI platform because my pain will become unworth on this Lci.

And even though you want me to disclose my pains without asked by anybody as what you have done then iam sorry I can't do because everything needs a perfect timing or else you will miss the hit among the masses for the very purpose. 

So, again i request to all fighters that plz believe in action rather than just imagination or suggestions.

Example:- In india a beggar also gives suggestions on the corrupt government , corrupt democracy, hell life...

But what is the result.....they are still beggars..!

Like that in india the situation of we men are like beggars in terms of biased law, we only get talks but no actions.


PS: an empty vessel sounds more ...

So, plz concentrate on how to act now rather than what to act.


Thanks and regards,



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Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     23 April 2014


I am with I give you full support in Delhi . please contact if you need my help


Fight Like Bhagat Singh Not Mahatma Gandhi


Yes sameer you are right we need to fight like bhagat singh, sure I will be in touch with you very shortly. The barbaric system of france in 17th century has come to india where discrimination among the people had led the french revolution. In the same way india once again need the same revolution against slavery system. Here slavery system is folowed by one sided marital and women laws. These biased law had crossed its limit we need equal laws.


Dear fighters Please fight for your equall rights , please know your importance you are not alone in this slavery system, your one contribution can change the whole india.so, come on and fight for your life, fight for fundamental rights, these biased laws are against constitution. So, fighters come on fight for something which is the need of the nation.

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Dear heera of 498a,

Its my honor to be called as leader from your dirty tongue which speaks only onesided sentences whether it is law or life you need one sided benefits. But we men are the discarded citizens of india Where these people are borne labourers of society. 

If he has pain, he cant even speak in the society, if he suffers he cant go anywhere and show his deep pain unlike the women do. This is because we are men and we have taught from the begining that if you show your pains then you are going away from your responsibilities. Vo kehte hain na mard ko dard nai hota but sach toh yeh hai ki har mard ko dard hota hai but they dont show.

In this society only where all onesided laws are made by men only are now deprived from their own rights. What a joke of the society those whoo feed the society, protect the society are now left with only sorrows and pain. There is no body or not even a single law to protect men from the cruelties  from their counterparts.


How, shrewd is this lady, and how selfish is this lady which is talking only rubbish even though she is carrying exclusive, onesided laws, departmens and ministeries to protect them and listen them. How she is felt with jealous of our unity, that we men unite at some place and share our problems.

It is such situation where one person is loaded with whole lifes food and on other side one person is willingly deprived and starved out of food. And we mens conditions are similiar to the later one.


Dear lady, just go and search on google that what is government is doing for you women, what are the actions taking for you ladies, what are the benefits been stocked for you fairer s*x. And when you will go through it you will find all kinds of support which you need has allready been taken and their is no scope here to unnecessary blame your womanhood.

We need equal laws and rights because all human beings are equall by caste, creed, religion, s*x. And this demand is constitutional and nothing is wrong.

We will definetly change this draconian law, onesided law, just wait and watch.

Aaj nai toh kal yeh hona hi hai....

So,even though you want us to curse or say filthy words then plz carry on... your ill words are also our victory.

PS: iam not here to promote my blogs or do business, if i were in this mode then upto now i coukd have taken lakhs of monetry benefits from the persons who are calling me or taking legal suggestions. My service is free of cost . Iam here to promote natural justice and not one sided justice. Those who feel that iam worth to them then they could again reach me for their assistance and offcourse I wont charge as usual.


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