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fighting back (exec)     27 March 2014

Man sent to jail for not paying alimony


 63 Replies


What a Pathetic and one sided judgement......

When Women agree for MCD after Taking final alimony amount and after that she calls off second motion then there is no contempt of court.She wanders freely to file bunch of false cases as freely as she can.

Then there is no punishment or fine for her.

But see the difference just for the reason i.e. s.e.x  discrimination.

I hooked up with such kind of injustice in this India and feel helpless.

Why Men are thinking for themselves why not they are uniting for each innocents.

If Men can tolerate harassment by these frivolous cases then why can't they tolerate the pain for a generous cause to change these kind of discrimination.

If you all need one law,unbiased law,fairer law then Join hands and speak against these injustice whatever going through out in India.

I am not here to promote or allure victims,but speaking one truth can kill hundreds of Lies.

I am with all,whoever need me in their generous Fight.

Just give me your Voice::::::::::))


I am waiting for......

Thanks & Regards


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Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     27 March 2014

Hi I am agree with you. I don't know why we are not raising a joint voice against this law.

Sir I think we have to do somthing

498aindian (other)     27 March 2014

ESIS I too agree on what you have said, we husbands not want to think other than our cases which breaks the unity. We need relief for oneself and forget all. When this thinking will change then only males of india can unite and fight against these one sided law.

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     27 March 2014

But I didn't fine any NGO to help men like women NGO's.

Every body is suggesting what you have to do or not to do in your case and maximum are lawyers who are suggesting that.  No body ready to fight for men right like a war. If ESIS want to do war against this law then my self is ready a part of it


Varun Singh (GM)     27 March 2014

I feel, if the punishment is imposed on the people who file false cases with the retrospective effect, 90% cases will be withdrawn in a day ! 

Rama chary Rachakonda (Secunderabad/Telangana state Highcourt practice watsapp no.9989324294 )     27 March 2014

Very good suggestion by Mr.Varun singh. The penalty must be high.

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     27 March 2014

Punishment is one solution.  First of all we have to request or fight against registration of these cases like register 498/ DV cases on the spot when harassment / fight happened not after 1 month or 6 month

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     27 March 2014

@ ramacharya

after 2 years if she get penalty of 10 K or 15 K should its really works??


@ Sameer thanks buddy..

I appreciate your will to fight against these b.itch-trolls/498a and other biased laws. Dear sameer let us be in touch on PM and mails,we could share our contacts. An initiative must go on apart from all NGO's, we should penetrate the knowledge of biased law at each nook and corner of India. Let's us Add on...

We already have some fighters in this noble cause.

A Clear message should be delivered to all unscrupulous women that they will not get any man to marry in recent futures. They will not even get a shoulder to cry. They will not even get a person to satisfy them.

It's Time to awake India.....

we need volunteers who knows the meaning of being sufferer..

Are You........????

@ Ramesh,

yes dude, we husband are concentrated on our own pain and not involved in knowing others pain. But the real Human are those who not only wipes his own tears but others too.

Let's us be a part of Humanity....!!

@ Varun,

Yes. You are absolutely correct. But for that also we have to fight. Do you think by sitting and advising suggestions can do a 00.001 % of suffice???

No naaaa,

Then it's time to involve in action rather than only imagination:))

Are you ready for that????

@ Adv. Ramcharry,

Sir, In India every year more than ten thousands lawyers get added in this unending crowd of lawyers. But unfortunate to say there are only fewer of fewest lawyers who are honest and  who fight for justice and not for money.

So, Do we are fortunate to have you in these fewer of fewest lawyers list who will fight for Noble cause? who will fight for justice? who will fight against misuse of law?

who will fight for harass citizens of India?

DO you........?

Waiting for other Fighter's to Give their Voice:::::::::::::::::::))))

"A tiny dust has no value when it lies on road but when it get's support of wind it makes Havoc...."



For All Fighter's


Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     27 March 2014

ESIS I am ready to fight with you against this kind of law my email id is  you can contact me on this 

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     27 March 2014

and I request you all the member please don't give only suggestion be a part of this war

Varun Singh (GM)     27 March 2014

Dear ESIS, I am with you here.. men should unite to fight against such idiotic law which are prevailing, the problem is that the actual sufferers are so thinly spread that it is difficult to bring everybody on a single platform. We are talking about something which is doable, but would need extra efforts. 

Why it is difficult for men?

50 men suffering from false 498a/ DV case  out of 100 men means rest 50 are not bothered means no one is going to listen to 50 sufferers..

Moral : A man do not have time to support other man until and unless he himself comes into list of 50 sufferers !


1 rape / 1 dv , 100 women shouts unites immediately (in same language)... need a strict law, need a strict law, they are heard and a new law is passed !

Moral: Woman support woman !

That's the reason we have all law favoring woman, and we men still encouraging each other to fight against them!

Sameer Ahuja (ddd)     27 March 2014

Varun Ji


Good One,

fighting back (exec)     27 March 2014

@ESIS and other members................i totally agree with ESIS, count me in too...we should get united to fight such baised laws....but we need to gather more members to get the movement stronger..all our members are limited to the forum, we need to get out and spread the word, where non members can be awakened about our movement and invited to join. need to post messages on facebook and social media. also if we have any member from the print or TV media, he can spread the word easily. as newspapers are accessible to all, compared to the internet and social media. we can get a movement going. need to write articles in newspapers. but drafting can be a bit sticky..but if any of the Ld members take initiative in giving regular weekly articles in newspapers. we can have a lot more members. 

i have personally been to an exisiting SIFF foundation in my city, and trust me, there is a lot of infighting in the team itself, everyone wants to be the boss of the group. if people are late for a meeting, they are thrown out of the team, the person who seems to have knowledge, if so arrogant and stubborn that new comers are driven away, need to have a different type of team and gather in large numbers to get the movement going..

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